Graduate Financial Aid

We in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships are excited to work with you and your family to ensure your education is funded over the course of your degree.  The only aid application required by Southern is the Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA).  We offer a comprehensive financial aid package that may include grants, loans and scholarships.  Funding is available from federal and state governments along with private sponsors and university resources.  We are here to guide you along this process so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your financial aid questions.

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  • The FAFSA can be completed online at
  • The FAFSA is available on October 1st for the following academic year.
    • SCSU’s school code – 001406

If you are a new student and have not provided your SSN to admissions, please click here to do so.  You must login with the same email used to complete your application and enter your password.  Once entered, it takes approximately 48 hours to process.

  • Your Banner user name is automatically generated and is shown on your financial aid award letter
  • Your Banner initial password will be SCSU! Followed by the two digit month, day and year of your birthday (SCSU!mmddyy)
  • Go to
  • Enter your User Name and Password and click Sign In
  • Select Banner Student
  • Select Financial Aid
  • Select Award Offer
  • Scroll down to view and accept or decline your pending aid
  • Please note you can accept your financial aid now, but the loan requirements listed below should not be completed until on or after April 15.

After the aid is accepted or declined, you cannot make adjustments online. The easiest way to make a change is to complete the Change of Award form.

Answer the Mandatory Financial Aid Authorization Questions:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click Sign In
  • Select Banner Student
  • Select Financial Aid
  • Select View Questions on the Home tab
  • Scroll past the first empty box (do not type in this box)
  • Answer the two questions
  • Click Submit the Information (You may see the answers revert back to being blank)
  • Go to the Resources tab to verify your answers

If your FAFSA has been selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, you will be required to confirm that data provided on the FAFSA.  We have partnered with a company called Inceptia which will help students complete this process through their online portal.  Please see here for more information regarding verification.

First time borrowers of Federal Direct Loans must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling (EC) before their loans can be marked ready for disbursement.  These two steps (EC & MPN) do not need to be completed if already done in a prior year.

  • Go to
  • Log in using your FSA ID
  • Under the “Complete a Process” tab select “Complete a MPN”
    • Complete the form and submit
  • Under the “Complete a Process” tab select “Complete Entrance Counseling”
    • Answer all the questions and submit

If you still have a balance or need additional funding, please consider some of the following options.

  • April
  • May
    • SCSU Foundation scholarship recipients are determined
      • Recipients will receive a separate notification from the University if selected in late May or early June
    • 6-month Payment Plan (sign up through Student Accounts)
  • June
    • Athletic scholarships are determined by the Athletic Department (Contact your coach for more information)
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid eligibility will be reviewed for all students.  Students not making SAP will be notified and have their aid awards reduced or canceled accordingly.
    • 5-month Payment Plan (sign up through Student Accounts)
  • July

Please notify our office by completing the Change of Award form if you will not be attending full-time (9.0 credits) as all financial aid awards are based on full-time status.