How to Apply for a Direct Plus Loan

The Direct PLUS Loan is a federal loan that parents of dependent undergraduate students can use to help pay for college. (See below for information regarding PLUS loans for graduate/professional students.)

Step One – CREDIT CHECK - This loan is contingent upon credit approval.*

  • The parent must go to and sign in using his/her own FSA ID and password.   Do not use the student's FSA ID to sign in.
  • Select Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan
  • Click the Start Button next to the Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents (This starts the process for the credit check.   The parent must complete all sections of the application and submit.)
  • Upon completion of the application, the parent will be notified immediately of the credit decision.
    • a.  If your credit is denied, stop here.*
    • b.  If approved, go to Step 2.


  • If you, the parent, are approved for the Direct PLUS Loan, you must complete the Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note) at
  • Click the Start Button next to the PLUS MPN for Parents and complete all sections of the application.

*If a parent is denied the credit, the student may be eligible for an additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan.  Freshmen and sophomores may receive up to an additional $4,000 for the year; juniors and seniors may receive up to an additional $5,000 for the year.


For information regarding interest rates and repayment details, please visit our Loans webpage


Note to graduate and professional students: There is a Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate/Professional students (master’s degree or higher).  Follow the steps above, but be sure to use your FSA ID to sign in and select Complete Direct PLUS Loan Application for Graduate/Professional Students and Complete the Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note, if approved.  If the credit is denied, the process stops and there are no additional federal loan funds offered.