Freeze Date Policy

In accordance with federal and state regulations, Southern Connecticut State University utilizes a “freeze date” each semester to lock a student’s enrollment status for the purposes of awarding federal and state financial aid.

Classes that are added or dropped after the freeze date will not have any impact on a student’s financial aid. Therefore, additional aid will not be available for classes added after a student’s credit hours have been frozen. Likewise, any classes that are dropped or withdrawn from a student’s schedule after the freeze date will not decrease a student’s financial aid award. This assumes that the student still maintains some enrollment in other courses during that term.

If a student stops attending, withdraws, or receives grades of W-Withdrawn, F-Failed, or N-Never Attended for all courses in a semester, a financial aid recalculation will be performed based on the number of days a student attended in the semester. Students are responsible for payment of any balance on their accounts due to a reduction in their financial aid award.

If a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a corrected FAFSA, or an Application for Undocumented Student Financial Aid is submitted after the freeze date, a student’s enrollment status for financial aid eligibility will be determined at that time. Financial aid that is awarded retroactively will be based on the student’s credit load at the time the application for aid is processed. Please note that students must be enrolled at least half time at the time of disbursement in order to be eligible for Direct Loans.


The Freeze Dates for SCSU are:

Fall 2023

September 25, 2023

Spring 2024

February 13, 2024

Summer 2024

July 12, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What if I am registered for 6 credits prior to the summer freeze date, but register for 3 additional credits after the freeze date for the summer B session?

A: In this scenario, you would be awarded for 6 credits. Students must be registered for all parts of the term and sessions in a semester before the freeze date to receive aid for that class.


Q: How can I cover the additional charges if I need to add a class after the freeze date?

A: Students always have the option of applying for a private alternative educational loan or can make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Office.


Q: Do audited or waitlisted courses count towards my enrollment status?

A: Audited and waitlisted courses do not count towards your enrollment status and are not eligible for financial aid.


Q: What if I submit an aid application after the published freeze date?

A: Your financial aid award would be based on your enrollment credit load on the date your student application is processed by the financial aid office.


Q: Does the freeze date apply to Athletic Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships?

A: Yes, the freeze date applies to Athletic Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships.


Q: Does the freeze date policy apply to Gear Up Waivers or Veteran Education Benefits?

A: The freeze date is only used to determine financial aid eligibility and does not affect any other eligibility such as Gear Up Waivers or veteran benefits.