Southern Connecticut State University has made financial literacy a priority by helping students pay for college.  Students will learn payment plan options as well as financial aid and scholarship opportunities through one-on-one advising, presentations and resources.

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A goal is to embed responsibility by providing strategies for short- and long-term financial obligations. Over 100 annual workshops such as Paying for College, $mart Money Management, Financial Aid 101, Credit Talk$,  Budget Talk$, Scholarship Talk$, Life After College, and Loan Repayment Talk$ provide students with tools for successful personal finance.  

More than 4416 individual financial plans have been created and aligned with academic goals for timely degree completion.   

Money ChallengeAnnually Southern students compete for prizes by tracking expenses of needs versus wants for review and discussion.

Debt Letters:  Nearly 4,000 federal student loan debt letters are sent annually to students promoting responsible borrowing and repayment estimations along with alternative ways to pay for college.

Refunds and WithdrawalsEach semester thousands of students receive emails to avoid over-borrowing student loans and implications of loan repayment upon withdrawing. 

Financial Literacy Quiz:  Students are quizzed on basic financial literacy compared with national figures from the Federal Reserve 2017 Report on Economic Well-Being (p. 50).


Good luck and hope to collaborate for financial success at Southern!  


Lewis J. DeLuca, Jr., M.Ed.
Coordinator, Student Financial Literacy and Advising
Wintergreen Building, Room 108E
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515
Phone: (203)-392-8862, Fax: (203)-392-6541