Financial Aid Repeated Coursework Policy

According to federal regulations, repeat courses may impact your financial aid eligibility and awards for Federal Title IV financial aid. In order for a repeated course to count toward your financial aid enrollment status for financial aid purposes, you may only repeat a previously passed course once (a total of two attempts). If you enroll in a previously repeated course for a third time, this course will not count towards your enrollment for financial aid purposes. This rule applies whether or not the student received aid for earlier enrollments in the course.

  • A student may receive aid when repeating a course for the first time.
  • A student may receive aid when repeating a course that was previously failed or withdrawn from regardless of the number of times the course was attempted and failed. ( Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy still applies)
  • A student may receive aid to repeat a previously passed course one additional time. If a student fails, the second attempt no more financial aid will be given to repeat the course a third time. If the second attempt is a withdrawal then it is allowable for a third attempt.
  • Once a student has completed any course twice with a grade; he or she is no longer eligible to receive aid for that course. If a student retakes a course that is not aid eligible, the credit hours will be excluded from the financial aid enrollment for that semester.


  1. Allowable: Repeated coursework may be included if the student received a falling grade or withdrew from the class. There is no limit on the number of repeats if the student does not pass the class.
  2. Allowable: A student takes Biology 110 and receives a grade of W or F. The student repeats the class and receives a D. For financial aid the student is considered to have now passed the class. He or she may repeat the class one more time and receive financial aid. If on the second attempt if the student receives a W then the student can repeat the class again, if a grade is assigned including an F then the student cannot repeat the course again and the class cannot be counted for enrollment purposes for financial aid.
  3. Not Allowable: A student takes Biology 110 and receives a D. The student repeats the course and makes a B. The Biology 110 course cannot be considered for financial aid enrollment on the third repeat.
  4. Allowable: Courses that are intended to be repeated multiple times such as Independent Studies, Special Topics, Thesis and Dissertation.
  5. Not Allowable: A student is enrolled in 12 credit hours, including 3 credit hours that are considered to be a third repeat; therefore only 9 credits will count toward financial aid eligibility.
  1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Is Class Financial Aid Payable for the Enrolled Semester?
Course 1 F D Enrolled Yes
Course 2 C Enrolled -- Yes
Course 3 D C Enrolled No
Course 4 D F Enrolled No
Course 5 W F Enrolled Yes

Explanations of the Above Examples

  • Course 1: Yes, these credits are included in the financial aid enrollment because the student is allowed to repeat any failed or withdrawn course until a passing grade is received. Once a passing grade is received, financial aid can pay for the course again. If a grade of A, B, C, D, or F is made on the third attempt; the course will not count again in the calculation for financial aid enrollment.
  • Course 2: Yes, these credits may be counted, even though it was previously passed, because it is the first time the class is being repeated.
  • Course 3: No, this course was previously passed and this is the third attempt. Two attempts are the maximum attempts these credits can count toward financial aid enrollment, because the course has been previously passed.
  • Course 4: No, the class credits are no longer considered for financial aid eligibility because it has been previously passed, and this is the second time it is being repeated.
  • Course 5: Yes, because this course has never been passed so it may still be counted toward financial aid enrollment.


  • Federal Register: 34 CFR Part 668.2