Navigate Updates

What is NEW with Availability?

There are some exciting additions to Navigate Availbility! Below, we introduce Personal Avilability Links (PALs) and Meeting Types! However, to see a full how-to on entering availability, please refer to our Navigate User Guide for Faculty/Staff. 

Personal Availability Links (PALs)

Once you set your availability, you have the option to include each of your availabilities within your Personal Availability Link, also known as your PAL. When you include an availability in your PAL, the link will be generated and displayed below your availability: 

The PAL will bring students directly to your availability and eliminate steps previously needed to pick what type of appointment they are scheduling and what service they are looking for. Instead, they will be brought straight to the times that you are available for the services that you chose to offer, significantly reducing the number of steps a student needs to make to schedule with you. If you utilize this feature, one best practice would be to include your PAL in your email signature.


Meeting Types

When setting up your availability, you will now be required to select at least one Meeting Type. Meeting types allow you to indicate modalities that students can choose from to meet with you. You can offer IN-PERSON, VIRTUAL, and PHONE meeting types.


You CAN select multiple meeting types, per one availability. This way, you can offer say Monday from 8am-3pm for appointments, and students can choose whether they want their appointment on that day to be virtual, by phone, or in-person.

Special instructions are the most important step of the availability. The information you enter here will tell the students about how they will be attending the appointment. After scheduling the appointment, the student will receive a confirmation email that lists the “Additional Details” that you enter here. Without the special instructions, students will not know where to access/attend the appointment. See below for a Special Instructions template. Be sure to use one, two or all three of these depending on how many meeting types you add to your availability.

Option 1 – In-Person:

Option 2 – Virtual:

Option 3 – Phone: