Navigate Appointment Summary Reports and Notes

This Navigate feature is available to faculty and staff ONLY.

Faculty and staff have two ways of recording student information in Navigate: Appointment Summary Reports and Notes. Both options offer the following benefits: Provide a factual summary of an advising contact that occurs in person, via phone, or through electronic communication; improve advising efficiency and effectiveness by documenting observations, interventions, and academic progress sequentially; and provide continuity to student advising experiences by helping advisors understand the advice a student has previously received

Summary Reports vs. Notes: What's the Difference?

Appointment Summary Reports: Used to document the details of an advising exchange/interaction with a student, whether it be scheduled or drop-in, phone or in-person (e.g., course/schedule recommendations you made to a student, references to campus resources or services, discussions about a student’s graduation timeline, etc).

Notes: Used to record one-off general records or follow-ups from quick conversations with a student NOT associated with an advising exchange/interaction (e.g., a note that the student will be abroad during a given term). To provide an easy reference to documentation (e.g., a curriculum map) NOT associated with an advising exchange/interaction that can be attached to the note and accessed via the student’s profile

Sensitive Information

For detailed information on what information is safe to include in Notes and Appointment Summary reports, see the "Guidelines for Notes and Advising Summary Reports" section in the  "Guide for Faculty and Staff".

How to Use Appointment Summary Reports and Notes

Watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to submit Appointment Summary Reports and Notes in Navigate.  You can also refer to the "Notes and Appointment Summary Reports" section in the "Guide for Faculty and Staff".

More tutorials can be found on the "Video Tutorials" page.