Issuing an Alert

This Navigate feature is available to faculty and staff ONLY.

Alerts are a way to draw attention to a student who might be at risk for a variety of reasons, such as losing financial aid, struggling academically and/or personally, or intending to withdraw from the institution. Issuing an alert will create a virtual referral and prompt action from the appropriate department.

How to Issue an Alert

Watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to issue an alert.

More tutorials can be found on the "Video Tutorials" page. 

IMPORTANT: When an alert is submitted, the student will receive communication from the office to which the alert was sent. You should inform the student that you will be submitting an alert. For example, you could say "I will be submitting a referral for you to Financial Literacy. They will be reaching out to you soon." 

Alert Reasons

When issuing an alert, you must select an "alert reason". This is the campus resource/department to which you are referring the student. Please see below for the full list of alert reasons and examples of when to use them.

The Department of Academic Advising is a team of knowledgeable professional advisors who are fully committed to supporting student success. They staff several Academic Advising Centers (AACs), each based on an academic area of interest and serve students in specific majors. 


This alert should be used for:

  • Students who are unsure of their intended major, struggling within a major and/or seeking a new major
  • Students who are experiencing challenges that are impacting their academic success
  • Students who need help navigating University curriculum, policy, and/or procedure

The Academic Success Center has several options that support students with content understanding (e.g. tutoring and PALS (Peer Academic Leaders) and academic skill building/understanding (e.g. time management, organizational skills, note taking strategies, test taking strategies, reading strategies, how to prepare for final exams, how to prepare for mid-terms).


This alert should be used for:

  • Tutoring and PALS

    • Students who need assistance understanding course material
    • Students who need assistance with exam preparation
    • Students who need assistance with general writing or lab report support
    • Students who have received a D or F on a paper, test, quiz, etc.
  • Academic Skills Support (Coaching)
    • Students who need support in strengthening time management or organizational skills
    • Students who need support in goal setting or note taking
    • Students who need an academic mentor, accountability, and encouragement

The Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) is Southern’s centralized office for career development services.


This alert should be used for:

  • Students looking to explore career paths and identify their career goals while selecting their major
  • Students hoping to learn about their talents and strengths in relation to their profession and workplace
  • Students exploring professional development opportunities and careers within their majors
  • Students hoping to gain/ learn about:
    • Experiential learning
    • Professional development
    • Job searching strategies and components
    • Graduate school preparation
    • Transition out of the university

Counseling Services strives to enhance the quality of the educational experience through helping students navigate their challenges and difficulties, achieve their academic and personal goals, and promote their success, mental health, and well-being.


This alert should be used for:

  • Students struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges
  • Students in need of mental health, substance use, or psychiatric evaluation
  • Students interested in receiving brief, goal directed individual or group counseling
  • Students desiring support with a referral to a community mental health provider.


NOTE: If the student is immediately at risk, please call 911 or University Police at 203-392-5375.

The Dean of Students Office provides support to individual students or groups experiencing life situations impacting their Southern experience and coordinates the appropriate individual or campus-wide response. 


This alert should be used for:

  • Students who may be food insecure and/or have unstable housing
  • Students with financial assistance for basic needs (note: This does not include tuition)
  • Students who need assistance understand university policies/procedures, troubleshooting a leave of absence or withdrawal, short-term medical leave, and managing medical requirements with classes (i.e. physical therapy, outpatient programs, and so on)
  • Students who may need help getting access to WiFi during COVID-19
  • Students who have displayed a sudden change in behavior, such as not attending class and/or submitting work


NOTE: If the student is immediately at risk, please call 911 or University Police at 203-392-5375.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides academic accommodations and supports to students with disabilities in accordance with the ADA and Section 504. They also offer accommodations in housing, foreign language substitution, and math support.


This alert should be used for:

  • Students who indicate they have a diagnosed disability affecting them academically- they have not registered with our office yet
  • Students who indicate they are registered with our office, but struggling academically
  • Any student who has a disability and needs help with organization and executive functioning skills
  • Students who struggle with foreign language and math based on their disability

Financial Literacy and Advising provides assistance in the financial aid and payment processes.  In addition, they help students regarding paying for college, loan debt and repayment, credit reports/scores/cards, investing and anything related to financial wellness. 


This alert should be used for

  • Students who have any questions about financial aid, their bill and paying for college
  • Students who have questions about budgeting, scholarships, credit, taxes and investing
  • Students who need help navigating student loans and loan repayment

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development seeks to ensure that all students know of and are engaged in co-curricular opportunities. We want to help students build connections, enhance campus experiences, increase personal growth in a variety of areas, and help develop new skills. 


This alert should be used for:

  • Students who are looking to get involved
  • Students who would like to join a club/organization
  • Students who are looking to grow their leadership skills
  • Students who are looking to join a fraternity or sorority
  • Students who would like to participate in service-based programming

Help with Alerts

Not sure which alert reason applies best? Need technical help submitting an alert? 

Contact Navigate Support for help with issuing an alert.