Navigate User Guide

PDFGuide for Faculty and Staff

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To see what is available on our Navigate webpage for tutorials, view the table of contents below. Tutorials are being added here regularly, but all tutorials are available via the above PDF.

Table of Contents

Advanced Search

  • What is an advanced search?
  • Saving a search
  • Exporting a search
  • Search for students by major 
  • Search for graduated students
  • Search for graduating students
  • Search for current students unregistered for coming term
  • Search for new incoming transfer students

Student Lists

  • Uploading a student list
  • Adding students to a student list within Navigate
  • Exporting a student list


  • Emailing advisees
  • Emailing from a list
  • Emailing from a student's profile


  • Check-ins 
  • Appointments
  • Student Info
  • Student Enrollments


  • Issuing an alert
  • Reviewing alerts
  • Alert reasons - Where do alerts go?


  • Syncing outlook calendar
  • Creating availability
  • Personal availability link (PALs)
  • Editing availability
  • Student worker availability

Appointment Campaigns

  • How to create an appointment campaign
  • Managing an appointment campaign
  • Canceling an appointment