Connecticut Hall Ground Floor Lounge

The ground floor of Connecticut Hall is a hub of student activity. Students enjoy this space before and after eating on the second floor of Connecticut Hall. The ground floor is also home to dining services. 

Host Your Event

Log in using your MySCSU account to request a space or visit the calendar to view availability. 

Submit a Request


To cancel an event, please contact at least 48 hours in advance.


Tabling events. (table and chairs provided)

Rules and Regulations

In order to provide an entertaining yet safe environment for our students, all programs and events must be proposed through the Connect Hall Tabling Request form. You must also complete a Facilities Usage Form in order to receive the space, given that the date and time is available. Events are subject to the approval of the residence life staff. Events that may result in damage to the space or that are not conducive to the educational mission of the university may not be approved for the programming space. Booking the ground floor lounge does not include admission into the dining hall.

The events that take place in Connecticut Hall are strictly for the current students, faculty, and staff of SCSU. Therefore, in order to reserve, utilize, or attend any event at the Connecticut Hall ground floor lounge, an individual must be a current student, faculty, or staff member. All non-SCSU guests are not permitted to attend any program within the lounge.

Cooking or preparing food is not permitted inside the space. This includes Popcorn Machines, Cotton Candy Machines, etc.

Although the Connecticut Hall lounge is considered its own entity, all Housing Policies still apply. You can find a comprehensive Guide to Living on Campus that contains all housing policies and procedures. There is no fundraising allowed in the Connecticut Hall.


Celina Hunter