Office of Residence Life
Phone: (203) 392-5870
Fax: (203) 392-5867
Schwartz Hall 105

Residence Hall Contacts

Brownell Hall
114 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Hickerson Hall
100 Wintergreen Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Schwartz Hall
320 Fitch St
New Haven, CT 06515

Chase Hall
174 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Neff Hall
112 Wintergreen Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

West Campus
160 Wintergreen Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

Farnham Hall
166 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

North Campus
180 Pine Rock Ave
Hamden, CT 06514

Wilkinson Hall
158 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515


Robert DeMezzo

Robert DeMezzo
Interim Director of Residence Life
(203) 392-5870

The Director of Residence Life oversees the overall operation of the Office of Residence Life. The Director seeks to provide all students with opportunities to build relationships and fulfill their personal and academic goals.


Edward Mulvihill
Associate Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations
(203) 392-5091

The Associate Director of Residence Life for Operations provides oversight for the housing assignment and facility operations of the residence halls.

Mandi Kuster

Mandi Kuster
Associate Director of Residence Life for Residential Education and Community Development
(203) 392-6336

The Associate Director of Residence Life for Residence Education and staffing supervises the first and second year communities, provides leadership for residence life initiatives that support the academic success of residential students at SCSU.


Dee Dee Dahlman
Information Technology Coordinator
(203) 392-8856

The IT Coordinator is responsible for the administration of Residence Life departmental software and web-based applications. The IT Coordinator coordinates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of departmental alarm, card access, video surveillance cameras, and cable television/Internet services.


Willie Epps
Assistant Director of Residence Life/Upper-Class Communities
(203) 392-8929

The Assistant Director of Residence Life supervises the upper-class residence hall communities, coordinates the educational and student development missions of the department, and assists with the selection, training and development of paraprofessional staff members.


Anay's Cruz-Alonso
Housing Assignment Coordinator
(203) 392-5883

The Housing Assignment Coordinator is responsible for on-campus housing placements, billing, and room selection processes in traditional and apartment-style residence halls.

Kelly Thibault

Kelly Thibault
Assistant to the Director
(203) 392-5872



Yesenia Cardona

Yesenia Cardona
(203) 392-5887


Residence Hall Directors

The Residence Hall Directors are full-time, live-in administrators at Southern Connecticut State University. They oversee all residence hall students, activities, and facilities, and provide advisement, counseling and supervision for individuals and groups of students. Hall Directors work with the Resident Advisors to create an environment that contributes to the intellectual, social, and cultural development of the residents who live in their halls. In addition, they assist the Director of Residence Life and are responsible for various Central Office duties. They are also major contributors to the Resident Advisor training program. Each Hall Director's office is located within his or her respective hall and is open to the residents from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Britneymarie Barber

Brittanymarie Barber
Director of Brownell Hall


Hannah Rosario
Graduate Intern of Neff Hall
(203) 392-6354

Jessica Petry

Jessica Petry
Director of West Campus
(203) 392-9155

Palak Patel

Palak Patel
Director of Farnham Hall
(203) 392-5433

Clint Gosselin

Clint Gosselin
North Campus Coordinator/Director
(203) 392-6665


Jenesis Miranda
Director of Wilkinson Hall
(203) 392-6347

Christian Minaya

Christian Minaya
Director of Hickerson Hall
(203) 392-6369

Zaiyah McKenzie-Henderson

Zaiyah Mckenzie-Henderson
Graduate Intern of Schwartz Hall
(203) 392-6527

Juwan Givens

 Juwan Givens
Director of Chase Hall




Graduate Interns

The Residence Life graduate interns assist the Hall Director in providing supervision and coverage in the residence halls. Graduate Interns also provide support in the development of a number of department initiatives including staff selection, training, assessment, and programming.

Cam Peters
Graduate Intern

Easper Watts
Graduate Intern

Janee Johnson
Graduate Intern