Costs and Eligibility to Live on Campus

The Office of Residence Life provides on-campus living accommodations for eligible undergraduate and graduate students.

Highest priority is given to those who are enrolled as full-time students and are matriculated in a degree program. Eligible returning students participate in a formal room-selection process during the spring semester. Incoming first year students are typically eligible for assignment in Chase, Farnham, Hickerson, Neff, or Wilkinson Halls.

A small group of Southern RA's helping students move in to their dorms

  1. On-campus housing is not required or guaranteed for students. Assignments are made in the order in which the office receives both the completed housing application and the required housing deposit. Students who submit a housing application and pay a housing deposit early have the greatest likelihood of receiving an on-campus assignment.
  2. Undergraduate students may request housing for a maximum of 10 fall/spring semesters, not inclusive of breaks and summer sessions. Graduate students may request housing for a maximum of 4 fall/spring semesters, not inclusive of breaks and summer sessions.
  3. Residents who demonstrate an inability to meet community living standards will not be allowed to return to the residence halls.
  4. Pursuant to Connecticut State General Statute 10a-155b, all students residing in a college residence hall, as a condition of such residence, MUST be vaccinated for meningitis. Please see the Granoff Student Health Services for information.
Room Types Room Cost Per Semester Dining Fee (required with housing) Per Semester Total Cost 
Standard Single  $ 5,316.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 8,524.00
Standard Double  $ 3,830.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 7,038.00
West Single Suite (No Kitchen)  $ 5,994.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 9,202.00
West Single  $ 5,994.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 9,202.00
West Double  $ 4,228.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 7,436.00
Brownell Single (No Kitchen)  $ 5,960.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 9,168.00
Brownell Suite (No Kitchen)  $ 3,886.00  $ 3,208.00  $ 7,094.00
Brownell Suite (Kitchen)  $ 4,308.00  $ 398.00  $ 4,706.00
Schwartz Apartment  $ 4,308.00  $ 398.00  $ 4,706.00
North Midrise (Single Bedroom)  $ 6,744.00  $ 398.00  $ 7,142.00
North Midrise Apartment  $ 4,457.00  $ 398.00  $ 4,855.00
North Townhouse (Single Bedroom)  $ 7,332.00  $ 398.00  $ 7,730.00
North Townhouse Apartment  $ 4,840.00  $ 398.00  $ 5,238.00


**North Midrise Single, Townhouse Single, and Brownell Singles are extremely limited for Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

***We do not offer triple rooms in any Residence Hall


Any student who requests housing for the fall semester (by paying a non-refundable housing deposit and submitting a housing application or participating in the room selection process) has until June 30th to cancel their request for housing to be released from the academic year housing agreement

Refund Deadline

Refunded Amount

Prior to and including June 30th 100%*
No refund after July 1st  0%

*Please note, the housing deposit is non-refundable.

If you wish to cancel housing and withdraw from the university, the refund policy for housing fees will mirror the university Refund Policy for Tuition and Fees. See the refund chart below for more details.

Refund Deadline Refunded Amount
Prior to and including the first day of classes 100%*
During the first week of classes 90%
During the second week of classes 60%
During the third and fourth week of classes 40%
No refund after the fourth week of classes 0%

*Students who occupy their room for any period of time prior to cancellation will be billed on a prorated basis for housing and meal plan charges to the date of check out and key return. 

Returning students choosing to withdraw must contact the Advising Center/Registrar and the Office of Residence Life. New incoming students choosing to withdraw must contact the Admissions Office and the Office of Residence Life.