Welcome New Students

The Office of Residence Life is committed to easing your transition as you join our community at Southern. We have dedicated this page to informing you and answering any common questions.

February 7th Incoming Student Housing Application Live
May 31st Incoming Student Housing Deposit Priority Deadline
TBD Roommate Matching Deadline/Online Room Selection
July 15th University Bill Due
August 1st University Health Forms Due
TBD New Student Move In (Incoming First Year and Transfer Students)


Prospective Students


Information provided is based on Fall 2023 room selection - actual dates and process may vary and will be updated for Fall 2024 in the coming weeks. Please check back later. 

Room Selection Information for New and Transfer Students

  • Room Selection for incoming students will take place over the summer, date to be determined. 
  • All students requesting housing will receive a room selection time posted to their MyHousing account.   
  • Students will be able to select a room from the residence halls and spaces available during their room selection time.  
  • Matched roommates must designate one roommate to select for the group. 
  • Students who apply for housing after the priority deadline will be assigned to housing by the Office of Residence Life.

What to do next:

Complete your Roommate Profile

  • Log on to your "MyHousing"
  • Next to the Residence Life logo on the top left, click on the three lines
  • Click "Personal Information"
  • Click “Roommate Profile”
  • Complete the questions for information to be displayed on your profile

 Fill out your Roommate Survey

  • Log on to your "MyHousing"
  • Next to the Residence Life logo on the top left, click on the three lines
  • Click "Applications"
  • Select "Roommate Survey" from the drop-down menu
  • Complete the application and click continue.

*students who complete the Roommate Survey are searchable in the Roommate Finder on your "myhousing"


Steps to Search and Request a Roommate (Beginning May 1st)

Only students who have completed a housing application are eligible to search and match with a roommate. 
Search for Roommates

  • Log on to your "MyHousing "
  • Next to the Residence Life logo on the top left, click on the three lines
  • Click "Room Selection"
  • Click "Select Roommates "
  • For the Term select “Fall 2024
  • Click “Search for Roommate”
  • Complete searchable fields:
    • You can search by name, building preference, etc.
    • You can use responses that you’re looking for to refine your search.
  • Click “Begin Search”

Additional information regarding roommate searching

  • Once you click “Begin Search” students who fall within your selected parameters will appear
  • Once you find a matchable roommate click “Request Roommate”
    • The student will be notified via Southern e-mail you requested them and they can then accept or deny

Steps to Accept or Deny a Roommate Request

Request a Roommate OR a Roommate Requested you
Accepting/Declining a Roommate Request

  • Log on to your "MyHousing Portal"
  • Next to the Residence Life logo on the top left, click on the three lines
  • Click "Room Selection"
  • Click "Select Roommates"
  • For the Term select “Fall 2024
  • Click “Pending Roommate Requests”
  • Click the three dots and make a selection of the four options:
    • View their profile
    • E-mail the student
    • Accept their request
    • Decline their request

**All students in a group must request and/or accept each other as roommates for your match to be complete

If you have questions or need assistance regarding room selection please feel free to contact our office at 203-392-5870 or reslife@southernct.edu

Once you select a room during your room selection process, you will receive a confirmation email and can view your housing and roommate information on your MyHousing. If you do not select a room during room selection you will be assigned to a space by the Office of Residence Life.

A meal plan will be added to your account and the housing charges will update to your banner account within 24 hours. 

If you have any questions regarding Fall housing assignments please feel free to contact our office at 203-392-5870 or reslife@southernct.edu.

How do I start applying for housing?

Apply for Housing


Are you allowed a preference for a Residence Hall?

Yes, you will be able to select from the residence halls available when your participate in room select or you can indicate a preference for a building you would like to live in on your housing application.  

Where can I find visual tours of the Residence Halls?

You can view our visual tours by clicking here. In the top right-hand corner you will see a tab that says residence halls. You can click the residence hall you are interested in to find pictures, measurements, and descriptions of a sample room.

What is the cost of a standard double?

You can view the different housing options and price here under the Housing and Dining Prices per Semester tab.'

If I need an accommodation for on-campus living, how do I request one?

View our web page about accommodations and then contact the Disability Resource Center if you'd like to make a request. 

Do you offer Gender Inclusive Housing?

Yes. To live in a gender-inclusive housing community, please indicate your selection on your housing application and you can click here for more information Gender Inclusive Housing.

What is Room Selection?

Room selection is when you will be able to choose your own room.  On the day of Room selection, you will go in and select a room from rooms available to you. Room Selection is based off of time intervals.

What is a hoot loot card? How do I access my building? How do I use my meal swipes? What if I lose my hoot loot?

Your Hoot Loot card is your student identification card and provides access to most university services. You will receive this card during New Owl Weekend. The Hoot Loot card is your access card for your residence hall and your meal plan. You can also load funds onto your Hoot Loot card to print items at the on-campus print stations and computer labs, check out books from the university library, do your laundry, and access residential computer labs. 

What is the difference between food loot and hoot loot?

Food Loot is the declining balance of funds included as part of your meal plan and may only be used at dining and retail locations on campus (Connecticut Hall, the Student Center food court, the Bagel Wagon, the North Campus Market, the Owl Perch in Buley Library, and the Outtakes location in Davis Hall).  Hoot Loot includes any funds you elect to add to your card using either the online transfer system or an on-campus kiosk. Hoot Loot can be used anywhere on campus and also at a variety of vendors.

What meal plan must I choose?

All incoming first-year students are required to maintain the Full Meal plan which offers daily meal access to Connecticut Hall and 2 swipes per week to the Student Center Dining services (excluding Dunkin Donuts). You also receive a declining balance of $150 Foot Loot. You can use this money at any dining place on campus including Connecticut Hall, the Student Center, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, the Bagel Wagon in Engelman Hall, and Roberta’s market in the North Campus Midrise Complex.

How can I prepare for on campus living?

We recommend incoming students visit the Moving In Page to learn what to bring and what not to bring, familiarize themselves with our amenities, and much more.

How do I retrieve a parking pass? Is it free to park on campus as a resident?

In mid-summer you will be able to register for a parking decal via the MyHousingPortal. You can then pick it up on Move-In Day or at any point thereafter by visiting University Police. You will need your license plate number and the make, model, and year of your car in order to request the decal.

Can I do laundry on campus? If so how do I pay for it?

Laundry facilities are located in every residence hall. At this time, payment for laundry can only be made using your Hoot Loot card; funds can be added to the card electronically via the Card Office or at one of the kiosks located on campus. 

What do I need to bring when I move in?

For your convenience, we have partnered with Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, dorm storage solutions, and everything else you'll need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit dormroom.com/sct to get move-in day ready and create your dream dorm!

Check out our “What to Bring” and “What Not to Bring” checklists to help you prepare for move-in. Southern has also partnered with Dormify to offer students an opportunity to purchase discounted linens and other residence hall essentials! Check out our school-specific webpage for a wide variety of Dormify bedding options, linens, organizational products, and room décor!