Cost of Living and Eligibility


A small group of Southern RA's helping students move in to their dorms

The Office of Residence life provides on campus living opportunities for full and part time undergraduate students, graduate students and qualifying community college students. On-Campus Housing is not required or guaranteed for students.

Eligibility requirements to live on campus:
  • Complete a housing application and pay a non-refundable $250 Housing deposit 
  • Registered for classes 
    • Undergraduate: at least 6 credits 
    • Graduate: at least 3 credits 
    • Community College student: full time at your community college 
  • May request housing for: (not inclusive of breaks and summer sessions) 
    • Undergraduates: Maximum of 10 fall/spring semesters 
    • Graduates: Maximum of 4 fall/spring semesters 
  • Must agree to and abide by the Guide to Living on Campus and the Student Conduct guide 
  • Must be vaccinated for meningitis (pursuant to CT State General Statute 10a-155b) (health services link
  • To move into campus housing, the University bill must be paid in full or up to date on a payment plan. 

*Please be aware that residence halls have specific credit and meal plan criteria, eligibility for housing may not equal eligibility for a particular residence hall

The value of living on campus goes well beyond the room and meal plan. The experience of living independently, the sense of community and belonging, and the access to campus resources are invaluable experiences that are directly correlated to a student’s success in college. Add in the fact that all you need for the commute is a good pair of sneakers, and you can start to see the value! 

Room Types Room Cost Per Semester Dining Fee (required with housing) Per Semester Total Cost
Standard Single $5,693.00 $3,369.00 $9,062.00
Standard Double $4,100.00 $3,369.00 $7,469.00
West Single Suite (No Kitchen) $6,419.00 $3,369.00 $9,788.00
West Single $6,419.00 $3,369.00 $9,788.00
West Double $4,527.00 $3,369.00 $7,896.00
Brownell Single (No Kitchen) $6,382.00 $3,369.00 $9,751.00
Brownell Suite (No Kitchen) $4,160.00 $3,369.00 $7,529.00
Brownell Suite (Kitchen) $4,613.00 $470.00 $5,083.00
Schwartz Apartment $4,613.00 $470.00 $5,083.00
North Midrise (Single Bedroom) $7,223.00 $470.00 $7,693.00
North Midrise Apartment $4,772.00 $470.00 $5,242.00
North Townhouse (Single Bedroom) $7,852.00 $470.00 $8,322.00
North Townhouse Apartment $5,183.00 $470.00 $5,653.00