Packages and Mail

Student Mail

Student mail is delivered to residence halls Monday-Friday on the following schedule:

Daily Pick-Up/Delivery Schedule

  • Monday-Friday: All residence halls receive a morning delivery/pick-up only.
  • Monday-Friday: Schwartz Hall (Administrative offices only) receives a morning and afternoon delivery/pick-up, while all residence halls receive a morning delivery/pick-up only.
  • Holidays: Mail Services follows the academic calendar as well as that of the US post office regarding closures due to State or Federal holidays. If the University is open and classes are being held during a State or Federal holiday in which the US post office is closed, Mail Services will maintain operations at its Wintergreen location. However, there will be no regularly scheduled mail runs.
  • Mail/delivery-pick-up cancellations: Delayed openings- early closing/closings of the University or staff shortage related to inclement weather or other unforeseen event may cause a delay or cancellation of the regularly scheduled mail pick-up/delivery.
  • In the event of any disruption of services, the University community will be notified via a global campus e-mail announcement whenever possible.

Correct Addressing Student Residence Hall Mail

In order to ensure prompt delivery of student mail and packages, please be sure that the mail is addressed as shown below:

Southern Connecticut State University
Your name
Your Residence Hall
Street Address
New Haven, CT 06515-1355

Southern Connecticut State University
John Doe
Chase Hall
174 Farnham Ave
New Haven, CT 06515-1355

Residence Hall Street Addresses

Brownell Hall 114 Farnham Ave
Chase Hall 174 Farnham Ave
Farnham Hall 166 Farnham Ave
Hickerson Hall 100 Wintergreen Ave
Neff Hall 112 Wintergreen Ave
North Campus *

180 Pine Rock Ave

Hamden, CT 06514-4814

Schwartz Hall 320 Fitch St
Wilkinson Hall 158 Farnham Ave
West Campus 160 Wintergreen Ave