AI in Coursework

Here is a link to an Inside Higher Education article with suggestions for language to add to a syllabus about ChatGPT.

A Special Note About the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Coursework

Originality is the cornerstone to all academic endeavors. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us to teach and learn, research and analyze to produce newly insightful work. The expectation of this course and its instructor is that all work produced for a grade will be the sole product of a student’s endeavors to meet those academic goals.

Students are encouraged to use artificial intelligence among many other (re)search resources if a student finds the resources a useful tool. Students must not substitute the substance of their work with the results of such (re)search tools, however, as that act would contravene the rules academic integrity and their underlying academic values.

For undergraduates, please note that exams will ask you to synthesize readings, lectures and class discussion. The assignment is intentionally designed to stimulate critical thinking and individual innovation. For graduate students, please take careful note of the instructions above that the report must be written from the perspective of the particularized learning within this course. Again, this assignment is designed to hone your academic abilities to interpret book-length materials in the context of particularized queries, thought and research.