Faculty Development Fund Grants

Pre-Award Information

2019-2020 FDG Request for Proposals

Evaluation Rubric

Post-Award Information

Congratulations! Wondering what to do now that your proposed Faculty Development project has received funding?

Disbursement of Funds

Please exercise care in planning your project to ensure that you do not exceed the amount indicated in your award letter. The grant money must be used to support projects for the award period for which it is intended.  After one year any remaining funds will be returned to the Faculty Development Fund. 

For information on disbursement of grant funds, please contact Amy Taylor, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research at taylora28@southernct.edu.

Scheduling and Room Arrangements

Most academic and cultural events on campus tend to be scheduled Wednesday or Friday. Full-day events planned when classes are in session are difficult for most faculty and students to attend because of classes and other responsibilities.  However, this may be appropriate for some programs having a specific group of participants.   


Room arrangements should be made as early as possible.  Most of the general-purpose rooms on campus are booked well in advance of an event. No single office is responsible for room reservations. The following provides information about who schedules space in a particular building. Please note that your classroom key is universal and should open all classrooms in your building. If you have a question or concern about keys and/or access to your event location, please either ask your department secretary or the person with whom you reserved the room.


Academic space for non-credit activities, is reserved through the Scheduling Office, John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts.  Arrangements may be made with Ms. Arlene Lucibello, Ext. 2-6165.  

Rooms in the Adanti Student Center (ASC) are scheduled through Ms. Janet Klicsu, ASC 325, Ext. 2-5513.  

Space in the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts is scheduled through Mr. David Starkey, Ext. 2-6163.  

Space in Connecticut Hall is scheduled through Ms. Janet Klicsu, ASC 325, Ext. 2-5513. 

Space in Pelz Gymnasium and Moore Fieldhouse is scheduled through Mr. Joseph Hines, MFH 207, Ext. 2-6016. 

Arrangements for audiovisual equipment, podiums, and similar items must be made with AV/TV and Multimedia, in Buley Library at the IT Help Desk on the 1st floor, Ext. 2-5400.


Modest refreshments may be provided for seminars, workshops, and other programs so long as compliance with the university's policy is demonstrated. Please read very carefully the Refreshment Policy issued by Finance and Administration. Refreshments are arranged through campus food services. You will need to contact Catering at x26987. Chartwells will work with your food budget and discuss menu options. Please note that Faculty Development has no control over catering. Any issues must be resolved directly with the director of catering.


Sponsored activities are open to all full and part-time faculty members.  Staff, students, and members of the greater New Haven community may be invited and should be welcome at many, if not most, events.  Publicity about the project should include the statement, "This project is supported by a Faculty Development Grant," or similar wording.

Publicity to faculty and administrators can be provided through Faculty Development's e-mail distribution list. Send your event flyers and information to Faculty Development at facultydevel@southernct.edu.

For certain programs, announcements may be made in classes to reach our students. Some events may welcome the University community as a whole and require campus-wide distribution. Such press releases and announcements should be coordinated through the Office of Integrated Communications and Marketing, ext. 26586.  

Evaluation of Faculty Development Projects

Your project must be evaluated with a formal instrument. In addition, you are required to ask participants to sign in, tracking attendance at any grant-funded events.  Sample evaluation instruments and sign-in sheets can be found below. Please submit these records to Jennifer Hudson, Faculty Development Associate, Faculty Development, BU 213, within ten days of the event.

In addition, you are asked to complete the Project Report Form. The Request for an Extension Form should be used as the template in the event extenuating circumstances hinder progress on the project. All extensions are subject to administrative approval. Please Note: Any funds unaccounted for shall be returned to the university and be added to the allocation for the competition in the following year.

Sample Evaluation & Attendance Forms: