Curriculum-Related Grants

2020-21 Request for Proposals and Application 

Evaluation Rubric

This grant opportunity is open to all full-time faculty.

Curriculum Related Activity Grant proposals should address curricular innovations. Proposals that focus on writing courses, on-line/hybrid courses, incorporating social justice pedagogy into curricula, program development, interdisciplinary collaborations and other developments that further the goals of the Liberal Education Program, program accreditation, and departments' academic strategic plans are recommended. Proposals should clearly reflect effort and activity that is above and beyond normal expectations for course preparation. Preference will be given to projects that enhance instruction and assessment of learning in multiple sections of courses. A letter from the department chairperson or program coordinator acknowledging that the department or program has been informed should be submitted with the proposal.


As of the 2019-2020 award cycle, all post-award administration of these grants will be handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. Please submit all paperwork in association with these grants (revised budgets, Purchase Requistions, stipend requests, etc.) to the SPAR office. 


Submission of Grant Reports

A final report on curriculum-related project outcomes and expenditures must be filed upon completion. The Project Report Form should be used as the template for all final reports. The Request for an Extension Form should be used as the template in the event extenuating circumstances hinder progress on the project. All extensions are subject to administrative approval. Please Note: Any funds unaccounted for shall be returned to the university and be added to the allocation for the competition in the following year.