Curriculum-Related Grants

This grant opportunity is open to all full-time faculty.


Submission of Project Proposals 2021-2022 

Call for Proposals and Proposal Evaluation Rubric

Proposals must be submitted via the Kuali Build platform: Click here to submit your proposal. Electronic approvals by CO-PI’s and department chairperson(s) must be received within three business days of the deadline.

After submission, CO-PI’s and chairperson(s) will receive an email from Kuali requesting approval of the proposal. To indicate approval, simply click on the link provided in the email, which will open the Kuali website where approval can be indicated. Please note: If the principal proposer and the CO-PI are from the same department, the chairperson will need to approve/acknowledge each request. For example, if the principal proposer is from Art, and the CO-PI is also from Art, the chairperson of Art will receive two approval requests for the same proposal: one for the principal proposer and one for the CO-PI. Failure to approve the proposal will prevent it from being submitted for review. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the proposal on time and to ensure all acknowledgements by CO-PI(s) and chairperson(s).

For joint-proposals: Collaborative projects will require a budget justification for each CO-PI. If a CO-PI received a CRAG in a previous cycle and has not yet turned in the report, the report may be uploaded either during the initial submission of the proposal by the lead faculty member, or during the electronic approval process by the CO-PI(s). 

For interested faculty, Q&A sessions on Kuali will be held by the SPAR office (see calendar in “Call for Proposals and Proposal Evaluation Rubric” above).  

Proposals must be submitted via Kuali no later than Monday, May 3, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.



For information on disbursement of grant funds, please contact Carol Jenkins, Associate Director of Post Award Services,  Sponsored Programs and Research, at


Submission of Grant Reports

A final report on curriculum-related project outcomes and expenditures must be filed upon completion. The Project Report Form should be used as the template for all final reports. The Request for an Extension Form should be used as the template in the event extenuating circumstances hinder progress on the project. All extensions are subject to administrative approval. Please Note: Any funds unaccounted for shall be returned to the university and be added to the allocation for the competition in the following year.


2020-21 Grant Recipients

Adimando, Andrea. Psychiatry in Primary Care.

Axtell, Robert, Lunn, William, and Rupp, Kristie. Exercise Testing Instructional Lab Videos.

Baraw, Charles, Sinclair, Meredith, and Stretch, Cynthia. A User's Guide to a Publicly Engaged English Major: Research, Professional Preparation, and Experiential Learning.

Barnes, Ericka, Hwang, Candy, and Ryder, Todd. Enhancing Online Learning for Introductory Chemistry.

Bonjo, Laurie. Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Breny, Jean. Development of a Graduate Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods Course in Public Health.

Brown, Mary and Okobi, Elsie. Information Literacy with a Social Justice Lens.

Cardone, Resha and Miowei Weng. Responding to the Crisis in the Humanities and the BOR-Low Completer Policy.

Cotrufo, Raymond. Development of 2-course online Professional Development Sequence in Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management.

deLisle, Lee. Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management Development.

Elahi, Ata and Podnar, Hrvoje. Software Defined Networking (SDN) Laboratory Experiment Manual.

Farley, William. Creating a Writing-Intensive Museum Studies Course.

Ferraro, Marisa. Expanding SCSU's EL library to include Instructional Videos.

Generali, Margaret and Parzych, Jennifer. Improving Video Learning Modules to Enhance Educational Leadership Training: Understanding the Role of Comprehensive School Counseling Programming and its Impact on Student Success.

Gregory, Jess. Developing a Technology Focused Elective for Doctoral Students to Support Independent Research.

Liu, Yan. Analytical Case Studies Database of US Digital Libraries.

Powell, Jessica. Re-designing the Early Childhood Education Program.

Rogers, Dana and Savelli, Melanie. Revising COM 150 to Increase Transferability.

Stewart, Carol. Conscious Capitalism Certificate Program: Motivating a Community of Students and Working Professionals.

Yavuz, Olcay. Designing the First Online Dual Enrollment Course on College and Career Readiness.

Zigmont, Victoria. The Creation of a Master's level Interdisciplinary Course in Applied Health Research.