CSU Research Grants

Please note: All post-award administration for the CSU Research Grants is now handled by Sponsored Programs and Research. Please submit all paperwork in association with these grants (revised budgets, Travel Authorizations, Purchase Requistions, etc.) to Carol Jenkins, Associate Director of Post Award Services, Sponsored Programs and Research, at jenkinsc12@southernct.edu.

2021-2022 Award Cycle

Request for Proposals, Guidelines and Application for 2021-21 Award Cycle. Deadline is Friday, January 29, 2021 no later than 5:00 p.m. 

Submission of Grant Reports

A final report describing the results of the research along with a detailed account of fund expenditures must be filed with Faculty Development no later than September 30, 2020, for the 2019-2020 cycle. The Project Report Form should be used as the template for all final reports. The Request for an Extension Form should be used as the template in the event extenuating circumstances hinder progress on the project. All extensions are subject to administrative approval. Please Note: Any funds unaccounted for shall be returned to the university and be added to the allocation for the competition in the following year.

2020-21 CSU-AAUP Faculty Research Grant Award Recommendations

The following projects have been recommended for funding for the 2020-21 award cycle.

Please note that awards are contingent upon BOR approval and work on projects may not begin until approved.

Abd El-Raouf, Amal. A Big Data Model to Increase Business Value Using Machine Learning Methods.

Abe, Jo Ann. Cognitive Complexity and Political Preferences.

Andrushko, Valerie. Health and Head-shaping Practices in the Inca Heartland: A Study of Ancient Burials from Cuzco, Peru.

Anthis, Kristine. The Intersectionality Prism.

Antonios, Imad. Characterization and Online Prediction of Time Alignment Error in Smart Grids.

Axon, Stephen. A Comparative Study of the Components of Sustainable Urban Transportation between East and West Coast Cities in the US.

Baker, Sarah. Understanding Trans* Working Adults Experiences of Workplace Dignity.

Baraw, Charles. William Wells Brown's Clotel in the Classroom: Teaching the Unrepresentable.

Barboza, Meghan. Examination of harp and harbor seal nasal cavities using a microCT scanner and histologic techniques.

Barnes, Ericka. High-accuracy computational quantum chemistry investigation of the Polymerization of Boron-Containing Chromophores.

Bonjo, Laurie. A Qualitative Study of Factors Influencing the Decision to Become Connecticut School Counselors: Voices from Underrepresented Groups.

Bordner, Kelly.   Using a rodent model to assess multigenerational effects of cannabinoid exposure in utero.

Brady, Steven. Road-mediated (mal)adaptive evolution in amphibians.

Brownell, Mia.  New Paintings.

Chandler, Jeremy. Spotted at First Light: Creating and Exhibiting New Photographic Artwork.

Coca, Adiel. Chemistry and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Organoboron Compounds.

Cochenet, Gregory. Brick, Fire, Sodium, and Ceramic Art: The Design and Construction of a Sodium Vapor Kiln.

Coury, Carmen. Constructing Costa Rica's White Republican Mythic Past.

Crawford, Sarah. Investigation of the Potential Use of Brain Tumor Associated Microvesicles in Therapeutic Targeting and Delivery of Chemotherapy.

DeLuca, Zara and Alaa Sheta. Examining Programming Skills for Children with Language Disabilities via Robotics Education.

Dodson, Joel. Poor Pens: Writing, Ephemeral Verse, and Student Need in the Seventeenth Century.

Edgington, Nicholas. Sequence Identification of Avirulent Mutations in a natural bacteria pathogen of the nematode C. elegans.

Eilderts, Luke. In the Spotlight, on the Edge: Defining Drag in the French Capital.

Ellis, Scott. Stories Nature: The Narrative Structures and Effects of the Environmental Sketch.

Fedorchuk, Nicholas. Sedimentology of late Paleozoic glacial deposits in northwest Namibia: Investigating Earth's last Icehouse to Greenhouse Transition.

Ferraro, Marisa. An Explorative Study of Waldkindergarten, German nature-based preschools.

Finch, Evan. Continuing Work on Symmetry Violation Experiments at Brookhaven Lab.

Fisher, Michael. Selecting Resistance Against Anti-Virulence Therapies: Employing Directed Evolution as Tool for Drug Development.

Fluhr, Nicole. Swinburne's Apocalyptic Dreams.

Gregory, Robert. The Effects of a Heelless Shoe on Running Gate Mechanics.

Gregory, Jess. Applying SERVQUAL in P-12 Settings.

Harry, Chelsea. The Reception of Presocratic Natural Philosophy in Later Classical Thought.

Heidkamp, C. Patrick. The Role of Ocean Clusters as Catalysts for Coastal Sustainability aand Resilience - A Case Study of the Iceland-Ocean Cluster.

Hossain, Md. Authorship Categorization: Combating Online Piracy, Plagiarism, and Cyber Attacks.

Hwang, Candy. Reducing Biofilm Formation in Implanted Medical Devices by Disrupting Quorum Sensing in Pseudomonus aeruginosa.

Jeffrey, Rachel. Modification of the Dopamine System with Enriched Environment Exposure in Adolescents.

Kalbfleisch, Elizabeth. The Radical Style in American Life: How the Academic Left Shaped our Polarized Culture 1968-1992.

Kim, Hak Joon. Bullying Among Library Employees.

Lavin, Terrence. New Forms in Metal: 3D Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, and Electroforming.

Lesley, Melvin. Novel Tamoxifen Derivatives Derived from 4-Pyridyl-1-butyne.

Levine, David. Further Research for "Mary's Mandolin."

Liu, Yue. Power Effects on Consumer Well-Being.

Lunn, William. Effects of acute and chronic cannabidiol (CBD oil) dosing on pre-, during-, and post-exercise hemodynamic, metabolic, and inflammatory measures, gut microbiota, sleep quality, anxiety, and problem solving.

MacGregor, James and Deb Risisky. Identifying Factors that Impact Academic Success among First-Year Student Athletes.

Marsoobian, Armen. Creating Memory: A Digital Film Reimagining of an American Story of Life, Exhile, and Rebirth.

McEachern, Robert. Metaphors in the Personal Writing of Oncologists.

McGill, Kenneth. Representations of Economic Value in Gambling Addiction Therapy.

Neverow, Vara. Resisting Patriarchy: Virginia Woolf, Feminism, and Sexual Politics.

Ogbaa, Kalu. The Life and Times of Chinua Achebe.

Palma, Pina. Pontano and the Renaissance at the Court of Aragon.

Pang, Yulei. Corn data for Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Global Eutrophication (EU) predictive model comparison.

Perumbilly, Sebastian. Suicide Prevention, Clinical Assessment & Awareness-Creation on University Campuses: Perspectives of Licensed Clinical Professionals.

Pettigrew, David. Addressing Challenges to human Rights and Transitional Justice in Bosnia and Herzogovina: The Legacy of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords: A Book Manuscript.

Powell, Jessica. Teachers Who Work to the Gap: A Qualitative Analysis of White Teachers and Anti-Racist Pedagogy.

Prince, Melvin and Lynn Kwak. Multi-Cultural Study of Consumer Disidentification among Second- Generation Immigrants.

Purdy, Mary. Improving Reading Comprehension in Persons with Aphasia.

Roe, Sarah. The History of Female Medicine and the Rise of Technology: How Norms and Values Have Shaped the Way We Understand Women.

Rupp, Kristie. What the Health about the Body Positivity Movement?

Ryder, Todd. Diels-Alder Reactions of Cyclic Isoimidium Salts.

Savelli, Melanie. The Effect of Compound Sources on Health Messages and the Knowledge Gap.

Schmitt, Elena. A Multilingual Masterpiece: Translingual Nature of 'War and Peace.'

Serchuk, Camille. Lies of the Land: Art, Cartography, and Visual Culture in Early Modern France.

Shipley, Vivian. Writing Poems About CT's Witch Hunt and Social Justice to Complete Remnants, a New Book of Poetry.

Singh, Amitkumar. Alexa or Alexi: Moderating Role of Voice on Persuasiveness of Information.

Skoczen, Kathleen. The Social Life of Plastics: Exploring Local Perceptions of Plastic Use and Disposal in Samana, Dominican Republic.

Slomba, Jeff. An Enlarging Circle: Sculptural tondos created with computer-assisted design and Make Haven.

Stewart, Carol and Omid Nodoushami. Entrepreneurship for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV).

Stretch, Cynthia. Housing Precarity and Resistance in Contemporary US Literacy Culture.

Sulkowski, Mikolaj. Homeostatic transcriptional control of BMP signaling in Drosophila motor neurons.

Umamaheswar, Janani. Constructions of Adulthood and Masculinity Among Elderly Incarcerated Men.

Vu, Thuan. Translating Vietnamese Imagery.

Walters, Kenneth. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, ADHD, and Quality of Life among College Students.

Warner, Heather. Prevalence and Predicting Factors of Pre-treatment Dysphagia in Veterans with Head and Neck Cancer.

Weinbaum, Jonathan. Excavation of a Late Triassic Fossil Stonebed in the Southwestern United States.

Weng, Miaowei. The Power of Childhood Innocence.

Wu, Binlin. Develop AI deep learning algorithms for analysis of Raman spectroscopy data for brain cancer diagnosis.

Yang, Charlie and Gregory Robbins. A Qualitative Study of the Meanings and Practices of Conscious Capitalism: Exploring its Practical and Pedagogical Implications.

Yavuz, Olcay. Building a Statewide Collaborative Effort to Advocate K-12 Student Success: Academic, Social-Emotional, and Career Development for All.

Zigmont, Victoria. A Follow Up Study to Understand Changes in Student Food Insecurity.

Zipoli, Richard and Jennifer McCullagh. The Relationship Between Central Auditory Processing, Phonological Processing, and Reading Abilities in Children.