CSU Research Grants

2023-2024 Award Cycle

Request for Proposals, Guidelines and Application for 2023-24 Award Cycle

We are pleased to announce that proposals are now welcome for submission for the 2023-2024 CSU-AAUP Faculty Research Grant Competition.

Please be advised that there is a different submission process unique to our campus. Rather than submit in the manner described in Item #6 under “Proposal Components and Rules for Submission” (p.4 of the Guidelines posted above), you are asked to submit via the Kuali Build portal. Please read the instructions on how to submit via Kuali carefully and should you have any questions on submitting through Kuali or need troubleshooting, please contact Renee Leblanc at leblancr3@southernct.edu.

Deadline is Friday, January 27, 2023, no later than 5:00 p.m. 

Submission of Grant Reports

A final report describing the results of the research along with a detailed account of fund expenditures must be filed with Faculty Development no later than September 30, 2023 for the 2022-23 award cycle. The Project Report Form should be used as the template for all final reports. The Request for an Extension Form should be used as the template in the event extenuating circumstances hinder progress on the project. All extensions are subject to administrative approval. Please Note: Any funds unaccounted for shall be returned to the university and be added to the allocation for the competition in the following year.

2022-23 CSU-AAUP Faculty Research Grant Award Recommendations

The following projects have been recommended for funding for the 2022-23 award cycle.

Please Note: Work on these projects may not begin until the BOR approves the recommendations at a future meeting. Date TBA. 

(If any information is incorrect, please notify Faculty Development at facultydevel@southernct.edu.

Antonios, Imad. Computer Science. Characterization of the Effect of Measurement Artifacts on Power Loss Estimation in Electrical Grids.

Axon, Stephen. Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences. Developing a Sustainable Parenting Toolkit.

Barboza, Meghan. Biology. Using TEM to describe the ultrastructure of respiratory epithelium, including solitary chemosensory cells, of marine mammals.  

Barnes, Ericka. Chemistry. High-Accuracy Computational Quantum Chemistry Investigation of the Polymerization of Boron-Containing Chromophores.

Bordner, Kelly, Psychology, and Rachel Jeffrey, Biology. Effects of early prenatal THC exposure on subsequent addiction, anxiety and social behaviors in the rat model.

Breny, Jean. Public Health. Achieving Health Equity Through Uncovering and Addressing Systemic Racism.

Breslin, Vincent T. Marine Studies. Temporal Trends in Sediment Metal Contamination in New Haven harbor (2001-2021).

Brownell, Mia. Art. Garden-Variety.

Chandler, Jeremy. Art.   Terra Incognita: Creating and Exhibiting Photographic Artwork. 

Chen, Qu. Counseling & School Psychology. The Continuing Quest for Identity in the Counseling Profession:  A History of ACES from 1985 to Present.

Chen, Qu. Counseling & School Psychology. Effects of Individualistic and Collectivistic Culture on Emotional Empathy in Counselor Trainees.

Chevan, David. Music. Our Feet Began to Pray.

Chrissidis, Nikos. History. Sophia Bakunina: Balancing Journalism between the Russian Empire and the Middle East.

Chung, Hanyong. Accounting. The Effect of Product Market Competition on Analysts Forecast Characteristics.

Coca, Adiel. Chemistry. Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Equisetin Analogues.

Crawford, Sarah. Biology. Design of a Preclinical Model of Brain Tumor Formation and Invasion.

Cross, Emma. Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences. Quantifying the impact of co-culturing seaweed and shellfish on water quality and biodiversity to build environmental resilience for the shellfish aquaculture industry.

Ellis, Scott. English. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, the Civil War, and the Rise of Nature Writing.

Ferraro, Marisa. Curriculum & Learning. Pivoting to nature-based preschool programs in a pandemic: Lessons from German-based Waldkindergarten.

Fisher, Michael. Biology.  Investigating the Role of the Host Microbiome on Bacterial Pathogenesis in C. elegans.

Griswold, Michele. Public Health. Understanding Clinician’s Perceptions, Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Breastfeeding and HIV.

Groffman, Joshua. Music. Recording of "Lemur," a recent, original composition for baritone and chamber ensemble.

Hardenberg, Wendeline. Library Services. Support for Publication of Literary Translations with Small Independent Presses.

Harry, Chelsea. Philosophy. Expanding the Canon: Women and Ancient Greek Philosophy.

Horch, Elliott. Physics. Science Observations with the Southern Connecticut Stellar Interferometer.

Hossain, MD S. Computer Science. Effectiveness of Zoom Gestures for Age Estimation.

Hwang, Candy. Chemistry. Understanding the Role of Antibiotic Resistant Biofilms in Lyme Disease using Medicinal Plants.

Jayawickreme, Dushmantha. Earth Science. Assessing Watershed Responses to Urbanization, Seasonal Climates, and Extreme Weather Events.

Kalbfleisch, Elizabeth. English. Anti-Scientism and the Politics of Literacy Instruction in America.

Kearns, James. Chemistry. Can Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry be used to identify new natural products/antibiotic molecules for the treatment of Borrelia Burgdorferi (the Lyme Infection)?

Kerr, Audrey. English. Here are the Words of Some of the Women I Have Been: Mapping the New Language of Resistance Among Black Women and Girls.

Kim, Younjun and Sang Yoon, Economics. Do Computerization and Automation Increase Gig Workers?

Kim, Young Kyu and Melvin Prince. Marketing. Perceived Discrimination, College Disidentification and Stress Levels among Community College Transfer Students to a 4-Year College.

Kim, Hyoseok. Marketing. Website Identification and Shopping Behavior.

Lavin, Terrence. Art. Improving Outcomes in Cast Glass and Metal from 3D Printed Models.

Liu, Yue . Marketing. The Hidden Effect of Experiential Consumption: Relieving Us from Feeling Lonely.     

Liu, Yan Quan. Library Science. Digital Library of Virtual Laboratories for High School Students.

Marsoobian, Armen, Philosophy. A Virtual Exhibition of Ottoman Era Anatolian Armenian Photography, 1880s -1920s.

McGill, Kenneth. Anthropology. Race, Language and Economics in the Working-Class Workplace.

Nguyen, Khoa. Finance. Disease Outbreak Risk Exposure: The case of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Industry.

Njoku, Anuli. Public Health. COVID-19 and Environmental Health Disparities: Causes and Solutions.

O'Brien, Kyle. Social Work. Examining the depiction of dementia and its usefulness in children's literature.

Palma, Pina. World Languages & Literatures. Pontano and the Renaissance at the Court of Aragon.

Pang, Yulei. Mathematics. Comparing Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Spatially Explicit Life Cycle Global Warming and Eutrophication Impacts from Corn Production.

Pang, Jiong Dong. Chemistry. Acetylcholine Esterase Kinetics and Potential for Alzheimer's Treatment.

Parrish, Tim. English. Revision of MIMWAR!, A Hybrid Novel and Memoir.

Perumbilly, Sebastian. Marriage and Family Therapy. Integration of Yoga in Substance Addiction Treatment Programs: Results from a Mixed Methods Research Study.

Richmond, Andrew. English. Modeling Medieval Literature in a Digital Environment.

Risisky, Debra. Public Health. Academic Outcomes and Campus Engagement Among Students in Living Learning Communities (Phase II).

Roe, Sarah. Philosophy. Old Ideas, New Mechanisms: What Schelling’s “infinite activity” can add to a modern debate.  

Rupp, Kristie and Catherine Abel-Berei, Health and Movement Sciences. Understanding Weight-Related Experiences, Goals, and Health Behaviors in Young Women.

Ryder, Todd. Chemistry. Multicomponent Reactions of Ketone Substrates.

Schmitt, Elena. World Languages & Literatures. Bilingual Students in Post-Secondary Education: Obstacles, Needs, and Supports.

Serchuk, Camille. Border Control: Cartography and its Frames in Early Modernity, 1500-1650.

Skoczen, Kathleen. Anthropology. Working at the Dump: Women Informal Waste Collectors in Samana, Dominican Republic.

Slomba, Jeff. Art. Adapting Materiality: Digital Influence on New Analog Sculptures.

Smith, Jason. History. Sea Power and Spectacle: A Cultural History of American Navalism, 1890-1916.

Sorokina, Anastasia. World Languages & Literatures. Language Loss Effect on Bilingual Autobiographical Memory: Disseminating Research through Presenting and Publishing.

Stiver, Kelly and Gayle Bessenoff. Psychology. Examining Pro- and Anti-social Behavior in Online Gaming.

Thompson, C.M. History. From Imperial Tribute to Illegal Animal Trafficking: How Historical Data on the East Asian Tributary System Can Help Control Global Poaching of Wild Plants and Animals.

Uribe, Melanie. Art. Journey to Safety: Migrant routes.


Walters, Kenneth. Psychology. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and ADHD in College: An Executive Function Comparison.