Syllabus Requirements

Courses within the Liberal Education Program (LEP) are required to include a specific statement in each syllabus about the specific LEP designation. This requirement was established by the Undergraduate Curriculum Forum (UCF) in December, 2019 and states that all Liberal Education Program (LEP) approved courses include the goals related to the designated LEP Competencies and/or Areas of Knowledge and/or Discussions of Values in the course syllabus. The UCF approved specific syllabus statements based on the LEP Charter. (Note that these statements do not change policy and reflect the intended purpose and goals for each Tier, Competency, Area of Knowledge and Discussion of Values).

Instructors may access the appropriate syllabi statement for your designated LEP courses on the Blackboard Organization “LEP Faculty.”

Please direct any questions to our new Director of Policy and Academic Advisement, Dr. Braxton Carrigan at carriganb1@southernct.edu or Mary Brown, LEP Assessment Coordinator at brownm6@southernct.edu