Department and Club Deposits

Many departments have responsibilities for the collection of cash and checks from students and the general public. State Statute 4-32 requires the daily deposit or appropriate safe keeping and timely deposit (interpreted as within 24 hours) of all receipts collected at sites throughout the University. The Student Accounts Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with the deposit requirements.

Please take a moment to review and print copies of the new deposit form and to review the general information about the policy. The full policy can be found on the Finance and Administration website.


To ensure compliance with State policy, each department or unit that collects funds must deposit cash receipts in a timely manner and adhere to the following guidelines. For purposes of this policy, cash is defined as checks, currency, coins, money orders and credit card payments.

  1. All cash must be deposited in the Student Accounts Office within 24 hours of its receipt. Please do not accept or include foreign currency (coins, paper money) in your deposit.
  2. Checks are to be made payable to: "SCSU" or "Southern CT State University" - ONLY.
  3. Checks are to be restrictively endorsed with your full Index Code / Account Number (written on the back of each check) upon receipt.
  4. Receipts are to be deposited intact to the Student Accounts Office. "Intact" means that all cash collected since the last deposit must be deposited and that no disbursements, IOUs or check cashing services can be made from these undeposited receipts.
  5. All cash kept overnight in the department is to be safeguarded in a secure area.
  6. The Student Accounts Office does have a depository box available for any department that needs to deposit funds (only checks, money orders, credit card payments) after normal business hours. The depository box is located in the Wintergreen Building to the left of the cashier's window. The depository box is limited to the hours that the Wintergreen Building is open to the public. Please note any deposits consisting of currency and coin must be deposited in person at the Student Accounts Office during normal office hours.
  7. In all cases, deposits must include supporting documentation, which show the nature, source, date and amount of each cash receipt or check. For example, this could include pre-numbered receipt forms, unused tickets with reconciliation, cash register tapes, lists prepared by mail openers, etc. If none of these apply, then please use the format shown on the attached worksheet template.
  8. Duties are to be separated to the extent possible in any department handling cash. There should be a system of checks and balances in which tasks are performed by different individuals for adequate control.
  9. Items # 1-8 represent general University policy. Each department handling cash receipts is to have its own written policies and procedures tailored to its specific operation. All department policies and procedures covering cash collections are to be approved by the Controller.