BS in Nursing

The curriculum in the undergraduate nursing program is designed as an upper-division major. The program requires a strong liberal arts and science base as a prerequisite to nursing courses. Students complete theory courses in the major as well as hospital and community-based clinical practice. Full-time and limited part-time study options are available.


The High School Admission Pathway is available to students applying as first-time college students in their senior year of high school. Admission offers for direct admission are based on the student’s high school transcript and supplemental essay question. No additional application materials are required for the application for direct admission into the B.S. in nursing degree program. SAT/ACT score reports are optional for fall 2021 admissions. Applicants should apply to the university through the Common App and indicate nursing as their major of first choice.

High School Admission to the Nursing Program is competitive and only the most qualified applicants will be offered admission. Minimum criteria are as follows:

  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.2 or higher [and]
  • Science and math courses completed and grades [and]
  • Supplemental common app essay


To be considered for High School Admission, the Common App and required documents must be received by January 2, 2021. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions beginning February 8th, 2021.

Students accepted through High School Admission are not required to complete an additional application. Instead, the following requirements must be met to progress into the upper-division nursing coursework junior year:

  • 7 of the 11 nursing prerequisite courses must be complete with a C+ or higher by the end of the fall semester, sophomore year
  • Minimum 3.0 CUM GPA
  • No more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses (if applicable)


Please read the BSN Pathways to Acceptance for more information.

The Department of Nursing annually admits approximately half of the upper-division (300/400 level courses) nursing cohort through the College Admission Pathway. Those wishing to pursue Nursing at Southern Connecticut State University, should select BS Nursing as their program of interest on their application.  Students admitted to the university will begin with a declared major in Healthcare Studies. This program includes the necessary prerequisite coursework for the Nursing Program and optimal advisement towards the nursing application requirements (see Nursing Application Requirements section). Once admitted to the Nursing Program, students begin their final two years enrolled in the upper-division nursing coursework with a declared major in Nursing, along with those admitted through the high school admission pathway.


  • Applications for the College Admissions pathway for the Fall 2022 will open on November 1, 2021 and close on February 1, 2022. Please read the outlined eligibility requirements below. 

Minimum Application Eligibility Requirements

(February 1st Application Deadline)

  • 7 of the 11 nursing prerequisite courses must be complete with a C+ or higher in each
  • 3.0 minimum CUM GPA (includes all college work, including courses taken in high school and at other colleges/universities)
  • No more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses (see prerequisite course section of this page) even if repeated for higher grades
  • Must not have been dismissed from a nursing program
  • TEAS exam and score submission

Please note that as part of the nursing application, students will be required to submit a TEAS exam score through ATI Testing.

The selection process is highly competitive and determined through a ranking calculation consisting of CUM GPA, GPA of prerequisite coursework, and TEAS exam score.

See the application support page for more information


There are 11 prerequisite courses for the nursing program. A minimum of 7 must be completed with a grade of a C+ or higher by the February 1st application deadline. ALL 11 must be completed with a C+ or higher by the start of the program. The program begins the fall semester of each academic year, which allows students to complete any remaining pre-reqs during the spring and summer semesters.

Course Title Credits
BIO 200 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 120 Basic Microbiology 4
CHE 120 General Chemistry 4
CHE 125 Principles & Applications of General, Inorganic, and Biochemistry 4
PHY 103 Physics with Technology for Health Professionals 3
MAT 107 Elementary Statistics 3
MAT 108 Math for Natural Sciences (or MAT112, MAT120, MAT122, MAT130, or MAT150) 3
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 219 Lifespan Development 3
ENG 112 Writing Arguments 3

* Although application to the nursing program requires successful completion (C+ or higher) of only 7 pre-reqs from the list above, it is recommended that those admitted to the program have the majority the university’s requirements complete. No more than 2 earned grades lower than a C+ for any of the required nursing prerequisite courses are allowed for eligibility to apply to our program.

All junior-level courses (300-level) must be completed before senior-level courses (400-level) can be taken.

Course Title Credits
NUR 340 Theoretical Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 341 Health Assessment 3
NUR 342 Evidence Based Nursing Interventions 3
NUR 343 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I 3
NUR 344 Gerontological Nursing-Clinical 2
NUR 350 Therapeutic Nutrition 2
NUR 351 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 2
NUR 352 Adult Health Nursing-Clinical 5
NUR 353 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II 3
NUR 354 Mental Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 430 The Childbearing Family-Clinical 3
NUR 431 The Child Rearing Family- Clinical 3
NUR 432 Adult Response to Complex Stressors-Clinical 5
NUR 442 Community Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 443 Nursing Capstone-Clinical 5
NUR 444 Leadership, Management and Health Care Issues in Nursing 3
  Nursing Electives* 2


* Nursing Elective Courses would include 2 of the following courses: Each of the below is 1 credit.


Course Title
NUR 420 Guided Imagery in Nursing Practice
NUR 421 Spirituality in Nursing Assessment
NUR 422 Interpersonal Violence and the Critical Role of the Nurse
NUR 423 Transcultural Issues in Nursing
NUR 424 Therapeutic Touch: Applications to Clinical Practice
NUR 426 The Mind's Role in Illnesses: Applications to Nursing Practice
NUR 428 Legal Issues in Nursing
NUR 498 Special Topics in Health Care

If you are interested in both the traditional BSN and ACE programs, you may be interested in comparing the two. For further information, please contact the Nursing Department.