HLS: STEM Foundations for Nursing

The STEM Foundations in Nursing concentration is specifically for students who are preparing for the BS in Nursing program at SCSU. The program requirements list all of the HLS major requirements, plus the prerequisites for the Nursing program. The requirements can be found here

  • Students preparing for the Nursing program at Southern must complete the courses listed under “Nursing Prerequisites and Cognates” with a grade of ‘C+’ or better in each. Students who have earned grades below a C+ more than 2 times in any of the nursing prerequisite courses will not be eligible for the Nursing program, as described on the BS Nursing Website.
  • To continue in this concentration, students must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA and have no more than two grades below a C+ in any of the Nursing prerequisites. Students who do not meet these requirements will need to select a different major or select a different Healthcare Studies concentration. Students who do not select a different major or concentration will be removed from the STEM Foundations for Nursing program and will be placed in the General concentration of the Healthcare Studies degree program.

Students will be advised through the Center for Pre-Professional Programs within the College of Health and Human Services. 

If you have any questions, please contact Angela Ruggiero at Ruggieroa1@southernct.edu