BSN Application Support

This resource page was designed to support any student interested in applying to the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Southern Connecticut State University.

BSN Application Information

Application for Fall 2020 entrance is closed. The next application period will open November 1, 2020 through February 1, 2021 for program entrance in the Fall 2021 semester.

For information on the nursing program, prerequisite requirements, eligibility requirements, and nursing curriculum, please visit our BSN program website.


Currently, there are no new announcements.

Students are required to select a major while preparing to apply to the BSN program and may choose from any of Southern’s Undergraduate Programs; However, it is within the B.S. Healthcare Studies degree program that students will receive advisement specifically for nursing application preparation and complete the appropriate coursework for a seamless transition into the nursing program if admitted.  Students who select a different major may use the resources on this site for self-guidance.

Current students may select or change their major by completing this electronic form:

Based on the information above, the pre-nursing advisement concentration will no longer be available to future students.  Eligibility requirements apply to those who still have a pre-nursing concentration on their degree evaluation.  See here for more details:  Pre-nursing Concentration Eligibility


BSN Application Information:

^Please read, as information may differ from general university standards

GPA Calculators:

TEAS Exam Resources:

Students who would like to take required courses at their local CT Community College will need to complete a few steps.

  1. Review course offering at the institution of choice after meeting with your advisor

  2. Discuss financial aid eligibility with Financial Aid Office if necessary

  3. Complete the Transfer Credit Request (Undergraduate) form

    1. Have the SCSU department representative sign the form if required (would be notated on the form)

  4. Submit the form to the Registrar’s office located in the Wintergreen Building

  5. Wait for the Registrar’s office to approve course

  6. If approved, register and pay for the course at the institution of choice

  7. Do well in the course

  8. Request that the institution of choice send your transcript to SCSU’s Registrar’s Office once your grade is posted (choosing to not send a transcript can disqualify you from acceptance to the nursing program, as it would be falsifying your application)

  9. Check your SCSU unofficial transcript to see that your course transfer was processed and contact the Registrar’s Office if it was not - within a reasonable length of time


*Although transfer credits are not computed into your SCSU CUM GPA, SCSU’s Nursing Department will compute them into your CUM GPA for your nursing application.

**If you need to repeat a nursing prerequisite course, you should consider SCSU’s Grade Replacement option. The course would need to be repeated at SCSU for this option. Speak to your advisor for more information!