Public Disclosure Regarding ARPA, the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III

Southern Connecticut State University (“Southern” or “the University”) has received funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA” or “Act”) which created the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (“HEERF III”).  Part of the University’s responsibility under the Act was to provide certain information to the public about the University’s funding for students, and how it has been used.


  1. Southern has signed and returned to the Department of Education, the Certification and Agreement as required.  The University has used or will be using in 2021-2022 the applicable amount of funds designated under the CRRSAA and ARP (a)(1) and (a)(4) programs to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students.
  2. The University received $11,960,119 from the Department of Education, under section 2003 of the Act, for distribution to students.  Previously, under CRRSAA and the CARES Act, the University received and distributed $8,390,168 to students.
  3. In the first quarter of 2022, $6,013065.30 of HEERF III funds were distributed to students
  4. 7,627 students were determined to be eligible for the distribution (total distribution headcount less returns for students later determined to be ineligible).
  5. All 7,627 students received HEERF III emergency grants in the first quarter of 2022
  6. Award amounts were determined using the federal determination of Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for those students filing FAFSAs, a manual calculation of EFC for students filing a Connecticut AACTUS application, matriculation status, and the percentage of full time.  The EFC amount was used to weight awards toward those with higher need.  The resulting awards were cross checked against Pell records to ensure that Pell recipients received the higher award amounts.  The baseline grant for students with no weighting for high need was $704.46.  The maximum grant for full time students with an EFC=0 was $986.24.
  7. Guidance to students was provided via email at the time of the spring distribution.  The email included the following information about the grant (disbursed as a refund).
    Please note: This refund is because you received a federal emergency student grant under the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act / HEERF III). Your award amount was determined by your FAFSA or AACTUS (awards vary by documented need), the number of credits you are taking, and your student level.  These funds are provided to assist you with paying for your educational expenses and education-related expenses caused by the disruption of the pandemic.   Specifically:  “Emergency financial aid grants may be used by students for any component of their cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care) or child care. Students determine how they may use their emergency financial aid grant within the allowable uses."

Quarterly Reports

View the quarterly reporting on the institutional portion of the HEERF grants.


Posted:  June 9, 2021
Updated: October 5, 2021
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