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A comprehensive archive of all news articles written about or referencing our office.


2022 April 27 in News at Southern
Sustainable Southern’ Takes Home State Awards

Southern takes home two GreenerGov Awards commemorating their inspiring initiative to a more sustainable campus.

2021 May 24 in News at Southern
University’s First Sustainability Fellow Making a Difference

As Derek Faulkner joins the Office of Sustainability as their first sustainability fellow, we discuss the importance of awareness, outreach, and project oriented goals in the name of environmental benefit.


2023 November 1 by Lexi White and Brianna Wallen in SCSU News
Fall Harvest Festival held in university garden space

SCSU students speak about their time in one of many annual Fall Harvest Festivals, enjoying the food, games, and activities in celebration of the fall season.

Beaver Brook

2024 February 20 in News at Southern
Community Collaboration Aims to Restore Beaverbrook Area in New Haven

Derek Faulknet and Stephanie FitzGerald recount their efforts in starting up Beaver Brook cleanups and the importance of community engagement.

2024 February 7 in SCSU News
Community Cleans Beaver Pond

Volunteers at Beaver Brook explain the importance of protecting the ecosystem, especially trees, from invasive plants.

2024 January 31 in SCSU News
Photos- Beaver Brook cleanup

A collection of photos from the ongoing Beaver Brook Clean-up project.

2024 January 31 by Brian Slattery in the New Haven Independent
Volunteers Take Out The Trash At Beaver Brook

A group of volunteers spent their time cleaning up the neglected Beaver Brook, one of many events made to refurbish the area. Volunteers wonder how to tackle the root of the problem.

2024 January 29 by Allan Appel in the New Haven Independent
Volunteers ‘Edit’ Out Invasive Vines

Community and SCSU Student volunteers tackle de-vining and removing litter in the Beaver Brook area in their first clean up event. Volunteers recount what a clean green space in their community means to them.

2019 November 14 by Amanda Cavato in SCSU News
Beaver Pond cleanup

GEMS Club (geography, environment, and marine sciences) works to clean up the Beaver Pond area to give life back to the close to campus greenspace. 

Food Recovery

2024 Feb 14 by Renee Chmiel in The Charger Blog
Undergraduate Student’s New Nonprofit Launches University-Supported ‘fREsh-taurant’

The plain text under this should say: “Marcus T. Harvin recounts the importance of food rescue and education have in rebuilding a community, and how that inspired the creation of fREshSTARTs

2024 Feb 5 by Lisa Reisman in the New Haven Independent
fREsh-taurant Community Kitchen Launches

Newhallville fREsh-START reports on the opening of their fREsh-taurant, a food recovery provided community meal program open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Pitts Chapel Unified Free Will Baptists Church.

2024 January 22 by Ellyn Santiago in Patch
Feed People, Plant Seeds: Newhallville Fresh Starts Freshtaurant Born

SCSU’s Office of Sustainability reaches out to Newhallville fREsh STARTs in hopes of supporting their community kitchen in the making through the Food Recovery Program. Marcus Harvin recounts his hopes for greater community outreach

2023 November 1 by Solé Scott in SCSUNews
Food recovery event is held on campus

Office of Sustainability intern Chris Kowalski is interviewed on the ins and outs of the Food Recovery Program, along with some student volunteers.

2016 September 20 by Adrianna Rochester in SCSU News
Office of Sustainability tackles food waste

The Office of Sustainability covers our many efforts to tackle food waste and what students can do to assist.

Campus Sustainability

2022 March 17 in News at Southern
School of Business Walks the Sustainability Talk

The Office of Sustainability’s reuse stores stock and refurbish MBA Recruiter Mark Zampinos office, a testament to the instinct to repurpose ingrained in our school.

2019 September 18 by Jackson LaMar in SCSU News
New trash cans promote sustainability on campus

New bins are introduced to Adanti Student Center to separate trash and food waste for composting to create electricity, mulch, and gas in the pursuit of a zero waste dining hall.

2016 October 13 in News at Southern
Urban Oasis Provides Wildlife Habitat on Campus

Southern joins the city-wide Urban Oasis partnership to create a pollinator friendly greenspace to give birds, bees, and bugs a hospitable home.

Sustainability During the Pandemic

2021 February 17 by Abby Epstein, Valeria Araujo, Gabriela Cuapio, Kiara Smith in SCSU News
University’s sustainability through the pandemic

The Office of Sustainability recounts the difficulties of remaining sustainable during the COVID-19 Pandemic when single use products and social distancing become priority.

2020 April 22 in SCSU News
Celebrating Earth Day 2020 and a Very ‘Sustainable’ Year

In light of COVID, the world sees major environmental restoration. The Office of Sustainability highlights its sustainability efforts up to this point and encourages continued action in celebration of Earth Day.

2020 March 24, 2020 in News at Southern
Campus Closure Means Food Donations to Local Agencies

As campus closes due to COVID, the Office of Sustainability’s food recovery program saves and donates hundreds of pounds of unserved food.