SCSU Solar

SCSU’s first 1.2 mega-watt solar array is located on Farnham Avenue. The installation combines ground-mounted panels behind Brownell Hall, a rooftop array on the Wintergreen Garage, and a parking canopy in parking lot 9.

Solar panels


Made possible by a power purchase agreement (PPA) in partnership with GE Solar and CT Green Bank, the project required no up-front investment for SCSU. There is no additional cost for Connecticut taxpayers or SCSU students. Instead, there are substantial utility savings from the first day the system produces electricity: SCSU purchases 100 percent of the electricity generated by the solar installation at a discounted rate guaranteed for the life of the array.

The solar panels will meet 4-5 percent of the university’s annual electricity needs and save approximately $60,000 per year in utility costs for the next 20-25 years.