Return to Southern

Welcome back Owl! Are you interested in returning to Southern to finish your degree after taking a semester or two (or more) off? We’re happy to assist you as you prepare to go back to school and resume taking classes in the upcoming semester. 

We understand that life happens and sometimes our priorities shift and require us to take unexpected time away. Here are a few tips to help you get back in the swing of things and enrolled in classes. As a reminder, Interdisciplinary Studies provides a unique and flexible degree option, perfect for returning students to build on their previous success forward to graduation.

Need help getting started or unsure? Contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Office via email or call us at 203-392-8113 and set up a virtual or in-person meeting for more information and assistance with the process.

If you stopped taking classes for one or more semesters, you’ll need to complete a quick readmission application/form. Don’t worry, it’s free and straight forward. Provide some basic info and you’re on your way to being able to take classes in an upcoming semester.

Note: Readmission deadline is one week prior to the start of the semester. We’d recommend pursuing your readmission a few weeks prior to the start of a semester for a smoother transition back to classes.

If you’re interested in exploring financial aid upon your return to Southern, be sure to familiarize yourself with The Financial Aid Process Step-by-Step. You may also wish to explore Southern’s flexible payment plan options. Veterans and Military Family members may wish to connect with our Veteran and Adult Learner Student Services to explore benefits and tuition assistance that may be available. Additionally, students should review tuition waivers that may be available with Student Accounts (see Waivers for Students).

Once you’re readmitted, the Registrar Office will email you and let you know that it’s time to get advised and register for classes. You’ll want to connect with the Interdisciplinary Studies Advising Center, this information will also be provided in your readmission email. As a readmitted student, you’ll meet with an IDS advisor who will be able to review your current academic progress, assist with course registration planning and provide you with a PIN required for registration.
You will be able to register using Schedule Planner. If you’re unfamiliar with this easy and helpful tool, not to worry, we have quick tutorials available on how to access and use Schedule Planner.
If you have trouble accessing your SCSU account, be sure to connect with the IT HelpDesk for support.

Just a friendly reminder, after you register for classes, you’ll have a bill. You can make payment with Student Accounts, set up a payment plan, use your financial aid or a combination of payment options. Be mindful of upcoming bill due dates. Also, Financial Literacy & Advising is available to assist you in learning more about paying for college and your financial future. 

Once you’re registered for classes, you can check the Southern Bookstore website for information on course materials you may need for your classes. You have the option to buy/rent materials from the bookstore or find alternative purchase options. Don’t forget, if you no longer have a Parking Permit or if you lost your Hoot Loot ID Card, you may get them by the start of the semester. If you still have your previous parking pass and ID card, there’s no need to update them or get new ones.

Once the semester starts, enjoy your class(es)! If you’re taking online/hybrid courses, be sure to visit your Blackboard portal (in your MyApps) on the first day of the semester to check for course materials, updates and information about the course. If you’re taking classes on campus, you can also check Blackboard for any updates and be sure to double check your schedule for any room/location changes. There’s also a handy Blackboard mobile app available. 

If you’re on campus, please visit us in the IDS Office (located in Englaman Hall B116 - next to the Bagel Wagon) for some welcome back swag! We’re happy to welcome you back and can’t wait to see you.

Contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Office via email or call us at 203-392-8113 if you have questions or need additional assistance in returning to Southern's Interdisciplinary Studies program.