Schedule Planner for Interdisciplinary Studies Scholars

As you prepare for course registration, your Degree Evaluation (which personalizes all of your graduation and degree program requirements) and Schedule Planner (which allows you to search, plan, and register for courses) will assist you in reviewing your program/degree requirements and identifying courses available to you in the upcoming semester(s). 

    About Schedule Planner

    Schedule Planner is a course search, personalized scheduling option and registration tool available in Banner Student. Schedule Planner allows you to search for courses offered in upcoming semesters and build possible schedules based on your desired courses, course delivery preference and personal availability. The following are quick tips on how to use Schedule Planner to make your upcoming course planning and registration a breeze.

    How to Access Schedule Planner

    How To Add/Search Classes and Add Breaks

    How to Register using Schedule Planner

    How to Search for Gen Ed (LEP) Courses

    How to View, Favorite & Share Schedules (with your Advisor)