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Kaylah Howard ‘23

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: Communication, Marketing

Kaylah Howard '23

"My name is Kaylah Howard, and I am a black young entrepreneur in college. My career goals direct me to entrepreneurship. I was recommended the interdisciplinary studies major by a professor in the communication department. The degree was perfect for me; I was just unaware of it. I loved getting my communications degree and believe those classes helped me excel but paired with adding marketing, I was even more equipped with a major custom tailored to my needs. My campus involvement has mainly been in business leadership events and programs. I am also a member of BSU on campus. Last summer, I had an internship at Foxwoods resort and casino in the advertising department. I specialized in creating Tik Toks for the liquid Sunday pool party. I enjoyed the job thoroughly and believe it gave me direction and possibly considered content creation for businesses an intriguing career path. In 2022 I was involved in a young entrepreneurship pitch competition, where college students pitch their business plans and construct a 60-second video showcasing their product or service. I believe it was opportunities like this at southern that allowed me to further explore career options in both public speaking and entrepreneurship. Postgraduation plans include but are not limited to applying for grad school for my MBA. I also would love to enter the field of entertainment, whilst continuing my entrepreneurship path. I am filled with much wonder about the new opportunity that lies ahead. You may find me starting my own media agency."

Krista Jones ‘23

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: English - Language, Literature & Writing, Global Studies

Krista Jones '23

"I am a senior Honors College student passionate about genocide prevention, pursuing a career in law and international relations. I am a double major in IDS and Political Science. I wanted more opportunities to get an interdisciplinary understanding of political science, so I added Global Studies to gain perspectives in sociology, environmental studies, and anthropology. I also enjoy writing and wanted to improve my skills, so the English concentration allowed for that. Currently, I am writing my senior thesis and preparing for a service-learning study abroad trip to Israel and the West Bank. I will be volunteering with non-profits and learning more about grassroots reconciliation processes in both Bethlehem and Jerusalem. I am applying to law schools and grad schools, so we will see what happens! I definitely want to end up in the international law/non-profit sector.”

Giancarlos Diaz Espinal ‘23

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: Child, Family and Community Studies, Psychology

Giancarlos Diaz Espinal ‘23

"My name is Giancarlos Diaz Espinal, and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I have one brother and one sister that also attend SCSU. I enjoy making people laugh and seeing a smile on their faces. I feel like it is my job to lighten up the mood wherever I am. Graduating from SCSU is important to me because my parents went through so much to give me the education I deserve. I feel like them seeing me graduate is a perfect way to say thank you for everything you have done for me and now it is my time to take care of you guys. My family have already set up a vacation to Jamaica to celebrate my sister's and my graduation. You can also be able to find me in a school working with students and making sure they are in the right path to success. I have been working at Conte West Hill PreK-8 and enjoy every single day of work. I can't wait to continue working with students for many more years. Also, if everything goes well this year hopefully next year I will be able to purchase my first house with the person I will soon ask to marry me."

Precious 'Berry' Bynum ‘24

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: BiologyEnglish - Language, Literature & Writing, French

Precious Berry Bynum '24

"Hey everybody! I’m Precious but you can call me Berry. I’m a Junior here at Southern, but I’m also a business owner. I love all things health, fitness, and skincare! I chose an IDS major after spending 2 years as a Biology major. I realized that science was only one of many interest so I chose to customize what my degree would consist of! Going the IDS route was a win-win situation. My favorite experience as a student was definitely becoming a Peer Mentor. I met so many incredible people that will forever hold a space in my heart and I learned what it means to be a leader! I was President of the French Club, I held Hall Council positions, one of which helped win the “Farnham Advocate” award and I was a member of Biology Club! You’ll find me running a bilingual, inclusive, health and wellness business and partnering up with incredible leaders all across the world! But for now, you can find me on Instagram!

Natanael Barbosa Torres ‘23

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: Business Administration, Communication

Natanael Barbosa Torres ‘23

"My name is Natanael Barbosa Torres- first generation student from Willimantic CT. I’m a hardworking person who perseveres through any adversity that I face. I’m proud I chose to attend Southern, I’ve had some great professors in my time here. I made a lifetime of memories and friends. I couldn’t decide what major I liked more between Business Administration and Communications and sat down with my advisor who taught me what IDS was and what I could do with it. After they explained it to me I thought to myself, "Where do I sign up?" It sounded like the perfect major for me... a combination of my two favorite majors. My favorite memory at SCSU is going from academic probation to Dean's List. I couldn’t have done this without the help of Britt Conroy. She truly supported me the whole journey and helped me through all the challenges I faced my first year and every year after that. Being on two sports teams (football and track) also helped me stay focused because I realized I had people counting on me that I could not let down. My future plans are to go to grad school here at SCSU and finish out my athletic eligibility."


Rose Mutale '21

Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations: Communication, Public Health and Social Science

Rose Mutale '21, Interdisciplinary Studies graduate poses outside Engleman Hall

Rose Mutale’s parents emigrated to the United States from Zambia, in southern Africa, when she was just a young girl. She stayed behind for several years, living with friends and extended family members. That’s when her period story came, and she experienced the humiliation, shame, and what Mutale calls “the pain of lack” known as period poverty – not having access to proper menstrual hygiene products. Now, at age 29, the first-generation student is graduating this summer with a BS in interdisciplinary studies from Southern and leads For Her Pride, a nonprofit organization “fighting to end period poverty and provide resources and access to educational opportunities through advocacy, service and education.”

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