Interdisciplinary Studies Advisement

    The following resources are to assist Interdisciplinary Studies with their academic planning and advisement. Including information on preparing for and scheduling advisement appointments.

      Student Responsibilities

      Students are responsible for their own academic success, progress and decisions. While academic advisors assist students in navigating their academic journey, it is a student’s responsibility to be informed and knowledgeable about academic requirements, and to be proactive in their academic success. To do this, students must: 

      • Review and work towards understanding academic program requirements; 
      • Utilize available resources to monitor academic progress, find available courses and review program requirements (including their Degree Evaluation and University Catalog); 
      • Be familiar with how to connect with discipline/concentration departments and understand how to connect with course faculty/instructors; 
      • Take responsibility for actions and decisions that impact their academic progress; 
      • Seek advisement from their academic advisor when necessary; and 
      • Be prepared for advisement appointments with a planned schedule of classes, questions about the program(s) and requirements, as well as an open mind for exploration and mentorship. 
      Academic Advisor Responsibilities

      Academic Advisors assist students as they navigate their academic journey, by providing individual advisement in the promotion of each student’s academic success. An academic advisor shares knowledge, experience and insight to benefit students in their decision making and academic planning. Additionally, the advisor provides information about university policies and procedures related to academic programs. To do this, advisors will: 

      • Assist students in understanding their academic program requirements and provide clarification of requirements, policies and procedures; 
      • Connect students to appropriate university academic and success resources;
      • Meet as appropriate to address student questions and provide consultation on upcoming planned course of study, including immediate and long-range academic planning; and
      • Review students’ progress toward academic goals and monitor academic progress. 

      Your Degree Evaluation provides you with a comprehensive and up-to-date guide of your program requirements to graduation. Working with your advisor you will map out your personalized academic plan towards graduation. You can also utilize our program Academic Maps as a starting/reference guide, however, your personal plan may be different depending on when you joined the major and what your individual concentrations are within your personalized program.

      Schedule Planner can assist students in planning their schedule. Schedule Planner allows students to identify courses they need to take and helping them build possible schedules based around their availability and course preferences.

      Helpful Resources

      The Interdisciplinary Studies team offers students the option to schedule both in-person and virtual advisement appointments. When scheduling appointments, students are able to designate which meeting method they would prefer. Students are encouraged to bring their own technology to their appointment to review their course plan and degree evaluation.

      Virtual meetings are held on WebEx, available for free to Southern students. We can also connect with students via Microsoft Teams, also available for free to Southern students.  No download is required for WebEx. Simply follow the meeting link provided to you when you scheduled your appointment and select the option “Join from your browser.” If you would prefer, you can also access the meeting via one of the WebEx apps, available for free download and no account is required to access/join meetings. You may download the WebEX application on your computer, tablet/iPad, or phone so that you can connect with ease a few moments prior to your appointment time. 

      Additional Technology Resources and Information is available online.

      Our Interdisciplinary Studies team is available to provide you with support, including your assigned advisor. Your advisor is listed in Navigate (which you can access via MyApps) under "Your Success Team." Click Make an Appointment in Navigate to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

      If you need additional assistance, you can contact your advisor or email or call 203-392-8113. 

      If you are looking to change your major to Interdisciplinary Studies, please schedule an introduction meeting with us.

      Interdisciplinary Studies students are assigned a faculty or professional advisor who specializes in interdisciplinary advising. Your assigned advisor's name is listed on the top of your degree evaluation (available in BannerWeb). Additionally, your advisor is listed in Navigate (which you can access via MyApps) under "Your Success Team." You can also email and Make an Appointment with your advisor using Navigate.

      If you have additional questions about your advisor assignment or if you need assistance scheduling an appointment with your advisor, please contact for assistance.