Transfer to Southern for Interdisciplinary Studies

Welcome to Southern! If you've recently transferred to Southern or are interested in transferring to Southern, we're happy to assist you as you prepare to complete your degree! Our team is available to help you explore Interdisciplinary Studies, which provides a flexible degree option unique to you, perfect for transfer scholars to build on their previous success forward to graduation.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers transfer students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses, to build upon previous areas of study, and–-in many cases—apply more transfer credits towards the completion of degree requirements (beyond electives). Many transfer students select Interdisciplinary Studies as a way to explore new academic and career interests, while staying on track towards a timely graduation. 

If you're already been admitted to Southern, contact the Interdisciplinary Studies Office via email or call us at 203-392-8113 and set up a virtual or in-person meeting for more information and assistance with the process.

If you're interested in learning more about admission to Southern, contact Transfer Admissions & Services via email or call them at 203-392-5730.

IDS Transfer Student Lex

Interdisciplinary Studies offers transfer students over 80 academic discipline options. Our team can work with you one-on-one to build a customized academic program that combines two or three disciplines that will help utilize transfer coursework and meet personal and career goals. Additionally, we can help students identify more flexible pathways toward graduation, whether students are seeking a more on-ground, hybrid or online course options, with date/time flexibility. 

In addition to over 80 concentrations (academic areas) available to select from, Interdisciplinary Studies also allows transfer scholars to design their own "Self Design Concentration." This unique academic discipline, designed by transfer scholars and their advisor, allows transfer students to blend courses from multiple disciplines with a common broader theme. This allows endless possibilities for IDS transfer students to explore their creative, academic and career interests not available through other majors.

IDS Transfer Student Abby

Our Interdisciplinary Studies team can work one-on-one with transfer scholars to help them explore emerging and in-demand interdisciplinary career pathways. Our transfer students work with our advising coordinator and faculty advisors to develop a unique program of study that will help students meet and prepare for their career goals. Additionally, IDS transfer students have access to our Career Pathways in Interdisciplinary Studies seminar (IDS 321, 1 credit course), that helps students prepare for careers after college.

Transfer scholars majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies also have resources for exploring internships and cooperative education to gain hands-on-experience, in addition to support from our Office of Career and Professional Development, including mock interviews, resume support, exploring internships, networking and more!

IDS Transfer Student Jeremy

Interdisciplinary Studies offers students over 80 concentrations (academic areas) to select from when designing their own Interdisciplinary Studies program, including a self-design concentration. The following are just a few of our most flexible and popular IDS concentrations among recent transfer students:

IDS Transfer Student Ashley

Southern has a number of Transfer Credit Policies that can assist transfer students in meeting university requirements with coursework that they've taken at another college or university. Transfer credit policies are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please see the Transfer Credit Policies section for full and up-to-date policies. Generally, Southern accepts any transfer credit for prior coursework with a "C-" or better. When students transfer to Southern, their transfer coursework is evaluated course-by-course to ensure a personalize review of how transfer credits are applied towards university and major requirements. Additionally, IDS students will have the opportunity to meet with the program's advising coordinator for a one-on-one review of their unique Interdisciplinary Studies program, ensuring that their transfer credits are applied in the most optimal way possible for their customized degree plan.