Experiential Learning for Interdisciplinary Studies Scholars

Cooperative Education, Internships and other Experiential Learning Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Studies Scholars

Interdisciplinary Studies scholars have unique opportunities to gain practical experience in their disciplines through internships, cooperative education, and other experiential learning opportunities. “Experiential learning” provides scholars with hands-on learning through practicing or “doing” and reflecting on the experience(s). Through an engaging hands-on experience, Interdisciplinary Studies scholars can connect classroom theories to real-world applications.

Our scholars can engage in experiential learning through a variety of options including cooperative education (paid work experience), internships, study aboard/away, lab experiences, field work, practicums, independent study, honors thesis, undergraduate research, volunteering, clinical experiences, as well as studio performances.

Scholars can discuss their ideas and share questions about experiential learning opportunities and processes with their advisor or they can contact the Interdisciplinary Studies team for additional information and guidance.

Experiential Resources