Guidelines and Services

Who may use Duplicating Services?

Services provided by the duplicating department are available for university faculty and staff for official university business only.  

What services are offered?

Duplicating offers three specific services: a walk-up self-serve copy service, drop-off copy request service, and a color copying service. Specifics for each service can be found as follows:

Walk-Up Self-Serve Copy Service 

A walk-up self-serve copier is available in the duplicating department for day-to-day convenience copying for faculty and staff use. The service offers black and white copying only.  

A duplicating request form must be completed for each occurrence of use when using the walk-up copier and left at the duplicating department's main customer service counter in the appropriate inbox.

The walk-up copier is on a first-come/first-served basis, except for the duplication of exams and quizzes.  Pre-scheduled exam and quiz appointments have priority over general use walk-up copier customers.  (Refer to Exams and Quizzes)

The copier is for convenience copying jobs and is not intended for large high-volume or complex copier jobs. Large, high-volume or complex copier jobs must be submitted through the drop-off copy request service center.

Walk-up users are limited to 15 minutes per visit.  However, the coordinator and duplicating department staff reserve the right to limit the time and volume of work for walk-up copier users.   

Note: Due to the opening of each semester the walk-up copier service is suspended for one week prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters.  During these times all copy requests should be dropped off for completion through the drop-off copy request service center for processing by duplicating staff.   

Drop-Off Copy Request Service Center

Faculty and staff may submit copy requests to the duplicating department for processing by duplicating department staff.  Black and white and color copies may be requested through the drop-off service center. 

How do I submit a copy request?

All requests for duplicating services must be submitted on an appropriate duplicating request form specific to the required service. The request form must be completely filled out and include the appropriate signature and Banner org. information. Please complete the request form thoroughly to avoid any delays in processing.  Job requests may be submitted by a visit to the duplicating department, or you may drop your request in the university internal mail system.

Note: Duplicating cannot accept electronic submissions of job requests. Please contact the department via phone during Duplicating Services' hours of operation for assistance in remote operations.

There are two duplicating request forms, one specific to black and white copying, and one for color copying. 

The black and white copy request form is shared by both the walk-up self-serve copy center and the drop-off copy request center. A black and white copy request form must be completed for each occurrence of use when using the walk-up self-serve copier or submitting a copy request to the drop-off copy request service center.

You may download a copy of the black and white copy request form in PDF format by clicking on the following link:

Color Copying Service

To utilize the duplicating department's color copying service, the signature of the Banner org. manager responsible for the Banner org. being charged is required. 

This may be accomplished through one of two methods:

1) For one-time or occasional users: The Banner org.  manager must provide signature of approval directly on the "Color Copying Request Form."

2) For automatic approval to be maintained on file: The Banner org. manager must complete a "Request and Authorization Form for Color Copying Services," which is maintained on file in the duplicating department for the fiscal year.

Please refer to Color Copying Service for additional detailed information by clicking on the following link:

You may download a copy of the color copying request form and/or request an authorization form for color copying service in PDF format by clicking on the following link:

Can Duplicating Process All My Job Requests?

Duplicating will process all material left off for duplication according to the following guidelines:  

The Director determines whether a job request may be processed by the duplicating department.  The Director may recommend that the requester use the services of an outside vendor.  In these cases, the requester/ department is solely responsible to work with the vendor, provide the funding, and route their request through the SCSU purchasing department in accordance with SCSU purchasing procedures.  Reasons for denying a request include: a job is too large for the university's equipment capabilities, the request is in violation of federal copyright law, or time restraints cannot be met.   

Allow sufficient time for processing:

Please allow adequate time to process a duplicating request; we suggest five (5) business days for average copy jobs.  Large, complex jobs may require more time.  Emergency rush jobs will be handled whenever possible, on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the coordinator or his designee.  During times of high volume, two weeks prior or two weeks into a semester's start, please plan on submitting your request as early as possible to beat the rush.  

What Materials Can I Have Duplicated?

Academic/Classroom Material: Automatic approval is granted for the duplication of syllabi, tests, worksheets or other items for classroom use, provided the material does not exceed one copy per student in a class section and is not in violation of federal copyright law.  

Large Duplicating Projects: Handbooks, lab manuals, flyers, etc., may require special handling or additional authorization. 

Compliance with Copyright Law: Duplication of copyrighted materials must conform to copyright law.  If multiple copies of copyrighted materials are requested, the faculty member must present a letter from either the publisher, or the holder of the copyrighted material granting permission for such duplication. 

Duplicating reserves the right to reject any request for duplication if such request is in violation of the copyright law.  In the event a job request is rejected, it will be forwarded back to the requester/department.

For more information regarding copyright law, please log on to the following Web site:     

Exams and Quizzes: To insure the confidentiality of exams and quizzes, the faculty member administering the exam/quiz or a designated staff member, such as the departmental secretary, must duplicate the material. Faculty or a departmental secretary may schedule an appointment to process their exam/quiz on the walk-up self-serve copier in duplicating.

Scheduling an Exam/Quiz Appointment: It is advisable that faculty or the department secretary call or visit the duplicating department in advance to schedule an appointment to copy an exam or quiz. During final exam periods, appointments should be scheduled one week in advance. 

Note: For security reasons, duplicating staff will not copy exams or quizzes.  The duplicating staff may only assist with the set-up and operation of the walk-up copier. 

Appointments may be made by calling duplicating's main number: (203) 392-5267.   

Schedules of exam/quiz copying appointments are posted daily on the bulletin board above the walk-up copier.  Appointments have priority over general use walk-up copier customers.  Walk-up copier users are advised to note exam schedules posted on the bulletin board above the copier.  In the event there is an exam schedule posted at the time you wish to use the walk-up copier, the copier will not be available for use until the exam schedule has been completed.  

What Are the Equipment Capabilities?

Black and White Copies: Canon ImageRunner 8205 copiers are available for black and white copying in the walk-up self-serve service center and the drop-off copy request service center.  The units run 105 black and white copies a minute. 

Color Copies: A Canon ImageRunner C5240 copier is used by duplicating staff for color copying in our drop-off service center. The unit runs 40 B/W copies a minute and 35 color copies a minute.

Additional Features: Copier units offer additional convenience features such as duplexing, three-hole punching, collating and stapling, front and back cover, and chapter page insertion.  In addition, various paper choices regarding size, weight, and color are also available.  Additional features and size and paper options can be selected when filling out a duplicating request form.

Will My Job Be Delivered on Completion?

Yes -- unless you select another option on your copy request form, your completed job will be placed in the internal mail delivery system. 

Checking on a job submitted for duplication: If you have not received your job, please first check with your department secretary to be certain the job hasn't arrived and is placed somewhere within your department.  If your job is still missing, please call the duplicating department's main number (203-392-5267) and ask for assistance.

Is There a Charge for Copying Services?

Yes, and they are as follows:

  • Black and White Copies Current pricing is $0.05 per printed side.  Example: 10 single-sided copies will cost $0.50; 10 double-sided copies will cost  $1.00, etc.
  • Color Copies Current pricing is $0.37 per printed side. Example: 10 single-sided copies will cost $3.70; 10 double-sided copies will cost $7.40, etc.

Currently, there is no additional charge for collating and stapling, three-hole punching, and folding applicable to your copy request.

How Will I Receive My Bill?

Charges for our services are uploaded into Banner and will appear monthly against the listed Banner org. cost center under account number 773110. Questions regarding billing may be directed to Wes Meeker, Director of Facilities Operations Services (, extension 2-5167.

Whom Do I Contact for Assistance?

For general questions regarding our services, please call the duplicating department's main number (203-392-5267) and ask for assistance. During the early planning stage of a large or complicated copying project, to ensure that your project is cost effective, efficient, and timely, questions may be directed to Wes Meeker, Director of Facilities Operations Services (, extension 2-5167.