Color Copying Services

Is color copying available in Duplicating?

Yes -- Duplicating offers a color copying service.  However, users must have authorization to request color copying services. Please note the following:

To utilize the duplicating department's color copying service, the signature of the Banner org. manager responsible for the Banner org. being charged is required. 

This may be accomplished through two methods:

1) For one time or occasional users: The Banner org.  manager must provide signature of approval directly on the "Color Copying Request Form."

2) For automatic approval to be maintained on file: The Banner org. manager must complete a "Request and Authorization Form for Color Copying Services," which is maintained on file in the duplicating department for the fiscal year.

All requests for color copying services must be submitted on a color copier request form.  The request form must be completely filled out and include the appropriate signature and Banner org. information. Please complete the request form thoroughly to avoid any delays in processing.  Job requests may be submitted by a visit to the duplicating department or you may drop your request in the university internal mail system. 

Note: Duplicating cannot accept electronic submissions of job requests. Please contact the department via phone during Duplicating Services' hours of operation for assistance in remote operations.

You may download a copy of the color copying request form and/or request and authorization form for color copying service in PDF format by clicking on the following link:

For more information regarding Banner org. manager approval, please contact the duplicating department at (203) 392-5267 or via email directly to Wes Meeker at extension 2-5167.

For Best Results: The paper choice section on the color copying request form offers a varied selection of paper sizes, colors, and paper weights to choose from.  Duplicating staff will process your request on the paper selection you circled on the request form; however, for best quality on your color copying request, 28lb. white is recommended. 

For best results, provide a clean white copy/original for color copying.

Requester's Approval: Authorized color copying requests will be scheduled for processing when received.  However, duplicating will contact the requester for clarification before proceeding with a copy request if the quality of the color copies or the size of the copy request causes concern.

For additional information please visit Guidelines & Services.