Inventory Control Forms

  • Online Inventory Transfer Form (Form I-002)
    This form is used to notify the Property Control office when moving SCSU barcoded inventory items between locations. If you prefer to use the PDF version, it can be found here.
  • CSCU Equipment on Loan Form - "Property Pass" (Form CSCU-1079: DocuSign version)
    The CSCU Equipment on Loan Form is used to annually report the authorized removal of state-owned property from SCSU for state-related business at home or at another off-campus location. This system-wide form supplements any prior SCSU I-003 "Property Pass" Forms. Please complete this form BEFORE the removal of any property from its permanent location to remain in compliance with State of Connecticut and University guidelines regarding barcoded assets. All barcoded electronic devices including iPads, PC Notebooks, Tablets, and Laptops MUST have a Property Pass issued due to the nature of their portable use. If you prefer to use the PDF version, it can be found here.
  • Supplemental Inventory Audit Form (Form I-010CV: DocuSign version)
    This form is utilized under extenuating circumstances in which an item cannot be returned to campus for inventory. This form must be submitted with a picture of the item in question with the barcode showing in full view. If the barcode label is worn, you may submit a picture of the serial number on the physical laptop as well. This form is utilized in lieu of a physical inventory scan and must explain why the equipment cannot be returned to campus. Please keep in mind that this form can be denied at the discretion of the Property Control Office and the item may be recalled again at any time in the future. If you prefer to use the PDF version, it can be found here.