Department Representatives

Each department chair is required to assign a person as an internal coordinator to work with the Inventory Office to maintain an accurate inventory of University/State property and adhere to all procedures and regulations pertaining to property.  This designated person must cooperate with the Inventory Office in performing physical inventories.  It is strongly recommended each Department Chair appoint a "Department Inventory Coordinator" to act as a liaison between the department and SCSU Inventory Office.  The Department Inventory Coordinator should notify SCSU Inventory Office of any change in equipment being added/removed or equipment which must be bar coded such as direct installs of furniture.  The Department Chair/Department Inventory Coordinator is responsible for all equipment within their department.

  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office when equipment is no longer needed.
  • Ensure that equipment is properly marked and identified.
  • Locate all equipment within the department for annual scan.
  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office before moving equipment.
  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office when new equipment is a direct vendor install.
  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office before borrowing or loaning equipment.
  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office when equipment is lost, stolen, non-repairable or obsolete.
  • Check to see that the requestor has completed a "Property Pass" before any equipment is removed from the campus, by providing employee's name, address, telephone number, barcode and description of equipment.
  • Notify SCSU Inventory Office when an employee is transferred from their department or leaves service of the University.  SCSU Inventory Office must be notified, in writing at least seven days prior to the employees last day of work.
  • Request faculty member to return such equipment as laptops, mobile devices, etc. to the Office of Information Technology before employee is released from employment at the University, either by retirement, resignation or termination.
    SCSU Inventory Office will contact the Department Chair and the Department Inventory Coordinator to scan department equipment. 
  • Faculty and Staff who are assigned laptops must make them available for the annual department inventory scan.
  • On the day of the department scan, the department will have 5 days to find the missing barcoded equipment. If they cannot be found, then the Department Chair/Department Inventory Coordinator has to file a police report for the missing item(s).
  • Computers and Laptops are the exception, because they may have sensitive information stored on the hard drive, the faculty or staff member assigned to the computer/laptop has 24 hours to find the missing item.  If they cannot be found, they have to file a police report for the missing item(s).
  • Faculty members that are on Sabbatical and in the State must bring their laptops onto campus to be scanned during their scheduled department scan.