Sociology Internships

Quick Information & Resources

Spring Internship Application Deadline: Please submit all application materials to your Internship Faculty Supervisor by the conclusion of the previous Fall semester.*

Summer Internship Application Deadline: Please submit your application materials to your Internship Faculty Supervisor by the conclusion of the previous Spring semester. Summer Internships will run for 12 weeks from the end of May through mid-August.*

Fall Internship Applications Deadline: Please submit your application materials to your Internship Faculty Supervisor by August 1. It is important that you speak with your Faculty Supervisor well in advance of this deadline. You are advised to request supervision before the previous spring semester concludes.*

*Please notify your faculty internship advisor *if* the internship site application process will extend beyond our department deadline.]

College of Arts & Science Internship Application Form 

SCSU Sociology Internship Information Packet 2023-2024

Additional Information

I had so many meaningful learning experiences - Intern, Carver Foundation 2019 

My coworkers and my supervisor were filled with positive energy, and made me feel comfortable, as if I was a part of the police department. -  Intern, Cambridge Police Department 2018

Internships provide students with an opportunity to make connections between their academic study in sociology/ criminology and potential career paths. Internships can be arranged during fall, spring & summer semesters. 3 credit internships fulfill the major capstone requirement for the B.A. Sociology & B.S. Sociology-Criminology programs. Students may complete up to two unique internships (3 credits each) prior to graduation.

  • Conduct a sociological analysis of internship experience.

  • Explore career opportunities related to professional goals.

  • Develop/ enhance/ demonstrate marketable career skills (e.g. professional writing, collaboration, data management/ analysis, oral presentation, etc…)

Students are responsible for identifying an appropriate internship site. The Department of Sociology posts internship opportunities on our LinkedIn page.

SCSU Career & Professional Development list internship sites (register with the JOBSs search tool)

Possible internship sites include:

  • Law enforcement agencies (e.g. local or state police)

  • State agencies (e.g. Probation, DCF, Judicial Branch, etc.)

  • Educational organizations (e.g. K-12 schools, after-school programs, alternative education programs, etc.)

  • Non-profit organizations (e.g. domestic violence shelter, homeless shelter, immigration assistance, etc.)

  • Research Centers or Faculty Research Projects

  • Corporations (e.g. Human Resources, Marketing, Loss Prevention & Security)

As representatives of the Department of Sociology at SCSU, internship students must demonstrate capability, maturity and integrity. Students on academic probation are not eligible for internship. Evidence of past academic misconduct or violations of the BOR/CSCU Student Code of Conduct may result in the Department of Sociology rejecting a student's request to register for SOC 497. All students in SOC 497 are expected to adhere to the BOR/CSCU Code of Conduct as described in the Student Handbook, and all work submitted must be the student's own.

Internship students must meet all prerequisites including departmental permission *and* successful completion of both SOC 255 and SOC 260 with a "C" or better.

  1. Identify Sociology Faculty Internship Supervisor - ask one of your Sociology faculty members to supervise your internship.

  2. Secure Internship Site Offer Letter

  3. Submit Internship Application in DocuSign for review by semester deadline. Your application must include the following materials:

    • College of Arts & Science Internship Application form (online in DocuSign)

    • Internship site offer letter (attach in DocuSign - select optional attachment)

    • Internship site list of duties (attach in DocuSign - select optional attachment)

    • 250-word student essay describing internship site and relevance to major as well as your personal and professional goals (attach in DocuSign - select optional attachment)

    • Student Signature on form & submission (in DocuSign)

  4. Faculty Sponsor reviews and approves or denies internship.

  5. Department of Sociology reviews and approves or denies Internship.

  6. College of Arts & Science reviews and approves or denies Internship

  7. Approved interns will be registered for SOC 497 (see course description below).

SOC 497—Sociology Internship:  The internship is a basis for performing sociological research. Work assignment to a governmental or private agency and a related research project explicitly grounded in sociology. Joint supervision by an agency representative and departmental faculty. Prerequisites: departmental permission, plus SOC 255 (FORMERLY 370) and 260 (FORMERLY 380). 3-6 credits. Course may be repeated for credit up to 6 credits.

  • Comply with confidentiality rules in force at the internship site.

  • Observe all policies and procedures stipulated by the employer.

  • Adhere to CDC, university and internship site COVID protocol.

  • Regular attendance and compliance with all job requirements are essential.

  • Interns may begin internship hours when the student is registered for SOC 497 *AND* the semester officially begins.

  • Interns must meet with their Internship Faculty Supervisor in their first week of semester to identify appropriate meeting schedule and academic deadlines for portfolio submission. Ideally, confer weekly with your Internship Site Supervisor to receive guidance on your duties, feedback on your performance, and explanations of the organization’s mission, objectives, methods, and operations.

  • Interns must complete required internship hours by conclusion of semester.

    • 3 semester credit hours = 135 hours on site (equivalent to 10 hours per week for 15 weeks)

    • 4 semester credit hours = 180 hours on site (equivalent to 12 hours per week for 15 weeks)

    • 5 semester credit hours = 225 hours on site (equivalent to 15 hours per week for 15 weeks)

    • 6 semester credit hours = 270 hours on site (equivalent to 20 hours per week for 15 weeks) Note: for feasibility, 6 cr. internships are typically spread over 2 semesters – 135 hours/ semester

  • Interns must complete and submit the following to their Internship Faculty Advisor who will assign the SOC 497 letter grade upon conclusion of semester:

    • Internship Portfolio (see Portfolio Instructions.)

    • Internship Hourly Log (signed by internship site supervisor)

    • Interns will be emailed a weblink for an online evaluation form that must be submitted by the final day of classes.

    • Internship Site Supervisors will be emailed a weblink for an online Evaluation form that must be submitted by the final day of classes.