Sociology & Criminology Club

The Sociology & Criminology Club (SCC) meets to provide community-based activities, as well as to further understanding of sociology and criminology and to build professional connections. The Sociology & Criminology Club provides a forum for discussions, workshops, and other activities related to sociology and criminology. In this competitive era, employers and graduate school programs are looking for well-rounded and pro-active individuals who show an interest in their majors outside of the classroom. Becoming active in the Sociology & Criminology Club can give your résumé a decisive edge.

Club Meetings

All majors, minors and interested sociology students are welcome to join club meetings. The club meets both in person and *virtual* in Spring 2023. Review your email for club meeting announcements AND zoom link or contact Professor Jessica Kenty-Drane.  Please join the club meetings whenever you are available! Upcoming meetings are noted below:

  • Monday, March 27th 1-2 in EN C24
  • Monday, April 10th 1-2 in EN C24
  • Monday, April 24th 1-2 in EN C24
  • Monday, May 8th 1-2 in EN C24

Club Executive Board 2022-2023

Co-Presidents: Brittany Medinger & Max Frischling

Secretary: Katalina Colon

Treasurer: George Neuman


For more information you may contact the club's adviser, contact Professor Jessica Kenty-Drane.