Ed.D. Dissertations Defended

The following are defended dissertations by the first cohort of Ed.D in
Nursing Education from Southern CT State University and Western CT State
University as of 2018:

  • The Experiences, Perceptions and Practices of Nursing Faculty Teaching
    Pain Management: A Qualitative Study

  • Transgender Education In Nursing: A Qualitative Study Investigating
    Faculty Beliefs

  • Exploring The Development of Empathy with Nurse Residents In A Nursing
    Residency Program: A Qualitative Case Study

  • Simulation and Debriefing Effects On Diagnostic Reasoning Developments
    In Family Nurse Practitioner Students

  • Technology Use, Technological Self-Efficacy and General Self-Efficacy
    Among Undergraduate Nursing Faculty

  • Transition To Practice After Participation In A Student Nurse Associate
    Program: A Qualitative Study

  • The Lived Experience of The Nurse Practitioner In The Role Of The
    Clinical Preceptor

  • Orientation Learning Needs of Adjunct Clinical Faculty

  • The Inclusion of The Care Of The Cancer Survivor In Undergraduate
    Nursing Curricula

  • Moral Sensitivity: A Comparative Analysis of Undergraduate and Graduate
    Nursing Students

  • The Academic Impact of Prerequisite Coursework For Second Degree
    Students In An Accelerated Graduate Entry Prespecialty In Nursing

  • Evaluation of The Mcmahon Competence Assessment Instrument and The
    Shoulder Dystocia Simulation Module For Use With Nurse-Midwifery

  • The Relationship Among Health Education Systems, Inc. Progression and
    Examination Scores, Day Or Evening Program Enrollment, Final Grade Point
    Average, And Nclex Rn © Success In Associate Degree Nursing Students

  • The English-As-A-Second Language Nursing Students In The Online
    Environment--Challenges, Improvements And Success