Exchange Housing

All accepted exchange student visitors are guaranteed on-campus housing! Upon completing the required Housing Application (and, for all non-ISEP students, submitting the $250.00 housing deposit), you will receive a housing assignment in North Campus Midrise Dormitory.

Learn about North Campus Midrise.  Note that each unit has a shared living space and a shared kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove, and a microwave.  There are two bedrooms in each unit, and each bedroom is shared by two students.

International Living & Learning Community (ILLC)

The International Living & Learning Community (ILLC) is for students who wish to explore the cultures of the world and global citizenship. Exchange students will be housed in this wing of North Campus, as will domestic students who have applied to live there.  This community gives domestic students an opportunity to become acquainted with someone from another culture (since exchange students are assigned rooms with domestic students), and it highlights the importance on our campus of cultural diversity and awareness, not to mention our expanding community of international students and scholars!