Course Placement at Southern

For students visiting Southern for a semester or academic year on exchange, an Office of International Education staff member will begin working with you several months prior to your arrival to customize your course schedule for the upcoming semester.

  1. If you have completed and submitted your J-1 Exchange Program Application, please send us a list of courses currently in progress (not listed on your current official transcript) and the home country credit value of those courses. 
  2. Using your official home university transcripts and the list of courses currently in progress, we can identify successfully completed prerequisite courses for the courses in which you would like to enroll.  (We often work with our department chairs and other faculty to decide which courses would be appropriate for students, considering programs of study, specific course interests, and more.)
  3. Once you are enrolled, we will send you information regarding your course placement. During the first and second weeks of classes, you may have the opportunity to adjust your schedule, depending upon course availability.