FedEx Express

FedEx Express is the University's Next-Day and Second Day letter-size express mail carrier; offering expedited letter-size mail delivery services for Domestic and International mail at State Contract discounted rates via FedEx's secure online website.

FedEx's user-friendly online service offers departments the convenience of desktop shipping while providing complete administrative control over express mail deliveries and expenditures.  Users may process a mailing label, track a shipment and order supplies online.

FedEx Express Mail Services are administered through the Mail Services department and the Coordinator of Duplicating & Mail Services is the university's designated FedEx Express Mail Administrator responsible for overseeing the university's account with FedEx in accordance with the State Contract agreement.

FedEx users are required to be authorized by the Banner Manager of the banner org being charged for express mail services and register with the Coordinator of Duplicating & Mail Services to be granted access to the FedEx online service.

Note: FedEx Express mail services charged against the university account are for official university business only. 

On-line Users Registration: Fedex Express Mail Services 

If you are responsible for processing express mail services for your department and want to take advantage of FedEx's Next-Day, Second-Day Express mail Services and receive State Contract rates please click on the following link: "Request & Authorization Form" to download a copy of our authorization form, complete the form as follows:

  1. Name and contact information of authorized departmental user. 
  2. Banner org(s) to be charged against. 
  3. Banner manager signature of approval & date.

Completed forms must be forwarded to:

Tony Brunetti, Mail Services, Wintergreen Building Room 143.

Upon receipt of completed authorization forms authorized users will be registered into the system by the Tony Brunetti. Once registered into the system the authorized user will receive an e-mail confirmation from FedEx as follows:

Click on FedEx ship Manager Invitation link (in your email) to complete the registration process and created your own senders profile, all users are required to register under their university user Id (example John Doe, doej1) and assign their own password.

Once you have completed the process you will receive a second confirmation e-mail as follows:

Congratulations! You are now a registered online user and your status will appear as active on the universities FedEx administrators website.  Once active you will be contacted by the Coordinator of Duplicating & Mail Services and assisted with training on processing an online express mail shipment. On completion of the registration/training process users can simply login to the FedEx web-site with their own unique username & password and process a shipment.

General Information

Note: As stated on our Request & Authorization form, the Banner Cost Center Manager for the listed Banner Org must provide permission for the requester to directly order express mail services from FedEx and charge such costs to the Banner Org(s) listed on the Request and Authorization form.  Although the Banner Cost Center Manager provides authorization to an individual to charge FedEx costs directly to the Banner Org listed, the Banner Cost Center Manager is accountable for maintaining expenses within the budget they are responsible for.  Should a FedEx mail service expense fail due to insufficient funds, the requester will be immediately disabled from further use.  If this should occur, the Banner Cost Center Manager will need to resolve any budget problems before any future FedEx Express Mail Services can be processed.  In addition, it is the Banner Cost Center Manager's responsibility to notify Tony Brunetti ( (Extension: 25826) should this user no longer have permission to order express mail services through the FedEx on-line system.

Multiple Deparmental Users 

Multiple users can be approved to process FedEx shipments within a department unit, however, each user must complete a Request and Authorization form and must follow registration and training procedures, each individual user is registered into the system with their individual university username, and assigns their own password protection during the registration process. 

Creating Your Shipment Label 

Registered users can process and printout their own shipment label from their office computer and printer by clicking on the following link, and logging in with their FedEx username and password.
Once logged in go to the upper toolbar click on Ship, a drop down menu will appear, click  on Prepare a Shipment, a Create a Shipment form will appear, Item 1 should be populated by your user profile; Name & University address. (If section 1 is blank please contact Tony Brunetti for assistance.) Complete sections 2-5 and click on ship to process your shipment label.
For online assistance in filling out your label, click on help on the upper right side of the form, and a drop down menu will appear, click on Interactive Help Guide and choose from their menu of help options on preparing your shipment.  Options like, Show Me, Practice, Guide Me and Print Instructions will guide you through the process of creating your online shipping label. Various help screens are available throughout the online site to assist you in processing your online express mail shipment or answer general questions you might have regarding FedEx's services or policies.

Shipment labels can only be tracked up to 90 days after delivery we recommend you keep a file copy of your FedEx shipment(s); this can be useful when reviewing your express mail expenditures for the fiscal year.
To print a receipt copy of your label, click on receipt copy when your label appears on screen prior to printing out the label, a receipt copy will printout in addition to your mailing label, or make a photo copy of the label for record keeping purposes.

Note: Letter size express mail packages may be left with your outgoing mail for pick-up by the Mail Services staff during their next regularly scheduled mail run.  If you miss the last mail run of the day you may deposit your express mail package in the FedEx mailbox at Moore Field House. 

Mailbox Location

 A FedEx mailbox is located at the front entrance of Moore Field House. To ensure overnight delivery, letters and packs must be in the FedEx Express mailbox to meet FedEx's pickup time of 7:30 p.m. as posted on their on campus mailbox, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. 
Important Generic FedEx labels that are located in the on-site FedEx mail box are not to be used by university departments processing express mail shipments for university business, as they are not coded to allow for the State Contract discounted rate. Without the correct coding, users will be charged at FedEx's full commercial rates. 

Tracking Shipments 

To track your shipment, you must have your 12 digit tracking number readily available. Shipments can be tracked up to 90 days from the shipment date.  Enter your 12 digit tracking number via the FedEx web site or call 800-GoFedEx (800-463-3339) and follow the voice prompts.


Charges for FedEx Express Services are billed directly back to SCSU.  The SCSU Accounts Payable Department will process invoices on a monthly basis referring to the department's Banner organization number listed on the invoice. All FedEx Express charges will be posted against department budgets as mail charges under account number 773120. 
If you have questions regarding your FedEx billing, please contact Tony Brunetti at ext 25826 or e-mail


FedEx users are required to order and stock their own supplies. The FedEx on-line system is a user friendly system, FedEx packaging is provided free of charge for Express shipments.  FedEx packaging-supplies can be ordered over the on-line website by registered express mail users, at: click on ship, scroll down and click on Order Supplies login and follow instructions to place a supply order. Supply delivery takes approximately 3 business days.
When ordering supplies, please include your name, department and building location, room number etc. to guarantee correct delivery.
Note: If you run out of FedEx packaging supplies before your re-order arrives, the Mail Services and Duplicating Department can provide you with needed supplies. However, the Mail Services and Duplicating Departments will only be stocking a limited number of supplies.  Supplies can be picked-up at the Mail Services or Duplicating department, or you can arrange to have the Mail Services Department deliver them to you during their regular mail pickup/delivery schedule.

Important: Shipment Packaging

FedEx Packaging 

All packaging available through FedEx on-line supply ordering system, with the exception of their, Large Express Tube, will fit in the FedEx campus mailbox, located in front of the Moore Field House. 

Your Packaging 

You can affix your FedEx label to any packaging other than FedEx's packaging available through their on-line ordering system.  However if your package is too large to fit in the FedEx campus mailbox, the following applies:

FedEx Express Mail 

Departments wishing to send out large packages/boxes etc. through FedEx Express Mail delivery service are responsible to package/box their own shipment and create their own shipment label through their online account and contact Michael Breen 26701 at the SCSU' Stores & Receiving department to arrange for pickup by Stores & Receiving, no e-mails or work orders please. FedEx will pickup your shipment at Stores and Receiving. Mike can advise you on FedEx's pickup schedule related to your shipment.
Please Note: Mail Services will not accept express mail shipments that will not fit in the campus FedEx mailbox.

FedEx Ground Shipments Departments wishing to send out large packages/boxes etc. through FedEx Ground delivery service are responsible to package/box their own shipment and  create their own shipment label through their online account and contact Michael Breen 26701 at the  SCSU' Stores & Receiving department to arrange for pickup by Stores & Receiving, no e-mails or work orders please. FedEx will pickup your shipment at Stores and Receiving.  Mike can advise you on FedEx's pickup schedule related to your shipment.    Mail Services will not accept FedEx Ground shipments. FedEx Ground shipments cannot be placed in the FedEx on-campus mailbox. FedEx will not pick them up.
Mail Services cannot provide packages/boxes etc.  Packing/boxing a shipment is the responsibility of the sending department.

Schedule a Department Fedex Pickup 

You can schedule a departmental pick-up online when creating your shipment label, or call FedEx Customer Services at: 800.GoFedEx (800-463-3339) for a pick up. However FedEx will charge for a departmental pickup according to their rate schedule. It is recommended you use the on campus mailbox whenever possible for express mail shipments or make arrangements with Stores and Receiving for a FedEx pickup at that site.   
Please Note: Property of SCSU cannot be shipped without the prior consent of SCSU'S Property Control Department.  Please contact Wes Meeker at x25167 or e-mail:  for more information.



For general assistance concerning FedEx Express, registration/training/billing, please contact, Anthony Brunetti Supervisor of Mail Services at x25826/x25268 or e-mail

For assistance with large packages/boxes that will not fit in the FedEx onsite mailbox or FedEx Ground shipments please contact, Mike Breen at x26701 at Stores and Receiving; no e-mails or work orders please.

Network Assistance: 

FedEx online is a web-based system; if you experience difficulty logging in or the system will not allow you to process a label, it is possible that your password has expired or either the University or FedEx network is experiencing difficulty or is temporary off-line.

Password Expired,

follow password procedures as instructed on the FedEx website.  If a problem persists, call FedEx customer service at 800-GoFedEx (800-463-3339) and follow the voice prompts for assistance.   

System/Network down

if you cannot process your shipment due to FedEx or SCSU'S system/network being down and you have to process your shipment the same day, for assistance, please contact Anthony Brunetti, Supervisor of Mail Services.

Fedex Express Customer Service Assistance 

Call 800-GoFedEx (800-463-3339) for assistance, please reference your University account number department name, and Banner information, and your waybill number when applicable.