Computer Science Advisors

All computer science majors are assigned an advisor who is a full-time faculty member in the Computer Science Department.  Students can look on their Degree Evaluation to find out their assigned advisor and can contact him/her by phone or email to arrange a meeting . If you are a new student, you can check SCSU's Advisement Page for more information.


Advisor Contact
Dr. Amal Abd El-Raouf
Morrill Hall 105
(203) 392-5098
Dr. Imad Antonios
(On Sabbatical, Fall 2021
See Dr. Kim or Dr. Abd El-Raouf
for advisement)
Morrill Hall 118 B 
(enter via Morrill 118)
(203) 392-5814
Dr. Ata Elahi
Morrill Hall 107
(203) 392-5819
Dr. Shafaeat Hossain
Morrill Hall 117A
(203) 392-5868
Dr. Tarik Islam
Morrill Hall 115B
(203) 392-5524
Dr. Chang-Suk Kim
Morrill Hall 106
(203) 392-5191
Dr. Lisa Lancor (Chairperson)
Morrill Hall 117
(203) 392-5890
Dr. Herv Podnar
Morrill Hall 109
(203) 392-5815
Dr. Taraneh Seyed
Morrill Hall 117
(203) 392-5817
Dr. Alaa Sheta
Morrill Hall 118 D
(enter via Morrill 118)
(203) 392-6858
Dr. Winnie Yu
Morrill Hall 117
(203) 392-5812
Dr. Hao Wu
Morrill Hall 115A
(203) 392-5922