Fall 2023 Catalog Year

Starting in the Fall of 2023, significant changes will be made to the LEP and to all undergraduate CS majors (CIS, CS-General, and Accelerated 4+1).  These changes will start in the Fall 2023 semester.  The changes might provide students with fewer required credits and allow for more flexibility/options.  To take advantage of these changes, students must request to have their Catalog Year changed.  This change is not reversible.  For some students (especially seniors), this change will have no effect on their graduation completion date.

What do you mean by "Catalog Year"?

When a student first joins SCSU, they are enrolled under the incoming semester's catalog year (ie. Fall 2021).  The catalog year is like a contract between the student and the university.  Whatever the major requirements are at the time the student enters SCSU, he/she must meet the requirements listed in the catalog.  If the department changes the curriculum (and say, adds new required courses), the student is not required to meet the new curriculum.  However, there are times when a student might want to change their catalog year because there might be a reduced number of requirements in the new program.  That is the case with this new change.

Who will benefit from a Fall 2023 Catalog Year Change?

It is estimated that at least 50% of our current Computer Science students will benefit from changing their catalog year to Fall 2023.  The remaining students should NOT change their catalog year.  Changing your catalog year is not reversible so it is imperative that you understand the new changes.

How can I learn more about the CS/LEP changes?

On Monday, April 3rd, the Department held an Information Session on the changes to the LEP and the CS concentrations.  If you were unable to attend the live meeting, it is strongly recommended that you watch the recorded session below to understand all of the changes.  If you have trouble accessing the recording, please make sure that you are logged into Teams.

I want to change my Catalog Year to Fall 2023.  What should I do?

Because a change to the Fall 2023 catalog year is irreversible, there are 3 important steps you must complete.  They are listed below:  

  1. Use the "Should I Change My Catalog Term?" tool
  2. Do a WHAT-IF comparison again your current Catalog Year
  3. Go to the CS Form to Request a Catalog Change to Fall 2023

What if I am unsure if I should change my catalog year.  What should I do?

Meet with your advisor. Your advisor is familiar with the changes and can help you with your decision.  

Once I submit the "CS Form to Request a Catalog Change to Fall 2023", when will I see the change on my degree evaluations?

After you submit the form, Dr. Lancor (Chairperson of the CS Department), will review each submission.  She will then submit a form to the Registrar's Office which will approve and process the change.  You will then see the catalog year of Fall 2023 on your degree evaluation.  Please allow 7-10 business days for this process to be completed. If after 10 days you do not see the change, please contact Dr. Lancor.