Academic Affairs Faculty Leaders

Discretionary reassign time may be used for new or revised positions based on changes in enrollments, budgetary challenges, changes in personnel reflecting possible reallocations of workloads, strategic plans, etc. Position openings will be linked on this webpage as well as sent via ICM campus-wide announcements.  Please check back frequently. 

Co-Directors of Faculty Development
Dr. Shuei Kozu, College of Health and Human Services
Dr. Darcy Kern, College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Development

Director of Advisement and Policy, Liberal Education Program (LEP)
Braxton Carrigan, [Open Position]
Liberal Education Program (LEP)

Writing Center Coordinator
[Open Position]

Faculty Coordinator for Early College
Olcay Yavuz, College of Education
Early College

Faculty Director of Academic Advising
Meredith Sinclair, College of Arts & Sciences
Undergraduate Academic Advising

Faculty Coordinators of the Academic Advising Centers

  • Polly Beals, Arts and Humanities AAC
  • Kelly Bordner, Social and Behavioral Sciences AAC
  • Matthew Enjalran, STEM AAC
  • Carol Stewart, Business AAC
  •  Joan Weir, Education AAC
  • Tarah Loy-Ashe, Health and Human Services AAC 

The following positions report to the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences