Academic Affairs Staff

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Robert Prezant
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(203) 392-5350

Trudy Milburn
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(203) 392-5761

Colleen Bielitz
Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
(203) 392-5459

Christine Broadbridge
Executive Director of Research and Innovation
(203) 392-6461

Scott Jackson
Director, Office of Assessment and Planning
(203) 392-5093

Bogdan Zamfir
Coordinator of Adaptive Technology Services
(203) 392-5798

Maryanne Boyen
CSU Administrative Assistant
(203) 392-7116

Chul Lee
Director of Institutional Research
(203) 392-5093

Linda Robinson
Coordinator of Academic Resources
(203) 392-6192

Jacqueline Isabella
CSU Administrative Operations Assistant
(203) 392-5423

Academic Colleges

Jess Boronico, Dean
School of Business
(203) 392-5631

Sandra Bulmer, Dean
College of Health and Human Services 
(203) 392-7015

Stephen Hegedus, Dean
College of Education
(203) 392-5900

Julia Irwin,  Interim Dean
School of Graduate and Professional Studies
(203) 392-6585

Bruce Kalk, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
(203) 392-5609

Library Services

Amy Beth 
Library Director
(203) 392-5760