World Language Teaching Certification Program

The SCSU World Languages Department is very proud of its nationally CAEP- accredited World Language Teacher (WLT) certification program. The World Language Certification program continues a long tradition of training highly qualified teachers for the state of Connecticut as SCSU was founded in 1893 as a Teachers University. As a shortage area, world language teachers find job placements across the state directly upon graduation while also receiving salaries higher than the national average. Language teachers at schools throughout Connecticut have received their initial teacher training and cross-endorsements at SCSU and its graduates are eagerly sought by schools throughout the state. Currently we certify teachers in French, German, Italian, and Spanish at the secondary levels with cross-endorsement for elementary an available option.

Some facts about World Language Teaching in CT
In the 21st century the focus of national and state standards and school mission statements across the country focus on educating our children to be “global citizens” and to focus on communication and language skills. This emphasis on global competence combined with language skills has led to a growth in need for world language teachers. Each year there are more job openings in CT and across the country for world language teachers than there are people to fill them. In CT 98% of our secondary public schools offer at least one world language. An average of 10% of world language teaching positions remain open each year. Finally, the average teacher salary in CT is $63,152 placing CT in the top five highest paying states for teachers in the U.S.

Why learn a second or third language? Check out this TED Talks video.

Routes to Certification

Undergraduates should pursue a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in their target language and complete the required coursework in the WLT Certification Program.

Graduates have several options:

  • Individuals wishing to add WLT Certification (K-12) to their main certification in another field should pursue cross-endorsement.

  • Individuals holding a Bachelors degree who wish to obtain an Initial Certification in World Languages should pursue our Post-bacc WLT Certification program, which will include education courses and target language courses, as required.

  • Individuals currently employed in Connecticut with a Durational Shortage Application Permit (DSAPs) 


Jesse Gleason, Ph.D.,
Coordinator of World Language Teacher Certification Program

Angela Todaro, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Field Experiences &
Student Services, College of Education

Helpful Links

Below you will find helpful links to aid you in all aspects of completing our WLT certification program.
WLT Program Undergraduate Handbook (pdf)
WLT Program Post bacc Handbook (pdf)
Curriculum Map to be filled out with your advisor

SCSU Graduate School Admissions (for post-bacc applicants):

SCSU College of Education Information
Student Teaching Information

Certification Information
DSAP Information

CT Cross-Endorsement Information

Praxis Core Registration & Information

ACTFL OPI and WPT Information & Registration