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We are happy to meet with your residents, class, team, or student club/organization with any of the below requestable workshops, or create one tailored to the needs of your audience.  We also have presentations on Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Affirmative Consent, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, and Rape Culture. 

We require at least two weeks' notice to present a workshop. If you would like to request a workshop or informational table, please complete the form below.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Workshop/Tabling Request Form

All workshops are 45-60 minutes. 

Please note that we strive to make all of our educational programs an empowering experience and include resources for primary and secondary survivors, bystander intervention strategies, and ways to get involved in the effort to end sexual and relationship violence.



One Love: Behind the Post

Many times, what we see on social media is not a true representation of what’s going on in real life. A couple may look picture-perfect online, but amazing social posts are not what makes or breaks a relationship. This 8 minute short film depicts 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship behind the posts.

One Love: Because I Love You

“Because I Love You” may seem like a sweet and simple statement, but in an unhealthy relationship, it’s often used as a tool for manipulation and control.  With these two 1 min short films, learn to recognize when words of love are used to abuse.

One Love: Couplets

8 vignettes totaling 2 minutes highlight the fundamental differences between healthy and unhealthy behaviors in a light and accessible way.

What Would You Do? Bystander Intervention Strategies 

Have you ever seen someone who needed help, but you didn’t know how to help? Request this program to find out that most SCSU students WANT to help, RESPECT those who do help, and you will also get the SKILLS to intervene safely. 


I Choose Campaign Tables

The VPAS Center is supporting CCADV’s “I Choose” campaign which is focused on engaging men to make positive life choices that don’t involve violence. Together, we are working towards educating men about making good life choices: “I Choose respect;” “I Choose not to normalize violence towards women;”   “I Choose to take a stand against domestic violence.”

This table can be requested throughout March


 Take Back the Night Promotional Tables

The VPAS Center invites you to stop by to learn about Take Back the Night, an event dedicated to providing an empowering space for survivors of sexual violence. Information will also be provided on sexual violence, affirmative consent, support, and resources. 

This table can be requested throughout March

Red Flag Campaign Tables  

The Red Flag Campaign is a bystander intervention campaign is designed to raise awareness and help to prevent dating and domestic violence! Visit a table and create a flag to be displayed around campus!

This table can be requested throughout October.