Bystander Intervention

What would you do if you saw someone that needed help?

As bystanders, we have the responsibility to step in and make our community safe and respectful for everyone! 

It’s On Us. All of Us. To hold ourselves and our community accountable. To be an active bystander!


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The 3 D's

The 3D's are strategies to step in when a bystander witnesses an individual being harmed or at risk of being harmed. YOU can be active bystander!

""the 3 d's directly intervene, create a distraction, delegate responsibility

Use the 3D's:

Direct: "Stop. Leave them alone.", "That's not funny."

Distract: "We were just about to leave for pizza. Come with us!", "Can you help me find my keys?"

Delegate: Get someone you trust to help you or to intervene on your behalf. Contact RA, friends, police, etc. for help. "Your friend looks like they need help."
Always consider what method feels right for you and your own safety.


Check out our events page to see opportunities to learn more, and also see the video below.